Morgana is a champion who blends a ton of utility and crowd control with a decent damage output and survivability factor. That being said, some can find her a little challenging to play, mostly because of her reliance on the binding skill shot and the somewhat challenging ult that takes getting used to (deciding which targets to chase after once deployed.

For those who can master Morgana she is a game changer. Her crowd control is on par with the best, she’s extremely useful in team fight situations because of her ultimate and shield and once she gets a few items under her belt, Morganas damage is respectable. For those of you on the fence about this total package champion, we’ve put together a few tips that should up your Morgana IQ, making her more effective and fun to play in the process.

Master the Snare

Morgana’s Dark Binding ability is very powerful, combining a fairly long snare effect with a whack of damage. The downside of it is that it is a skill shot, but not only that, it is a very slow moving skill shot (although it has a sizeable hit box).

Knowing how to lead targets is a must because of its low velocity. One of the best ways to bone up on your aim is to take it to the LoL target range, aka a game against bots. Becoming comfortable landing the binding is an essential part of playing Morgana.

Some great uses for Dark Binding are catching enemies unawares for a gank, harassing your lane opponent, and locking down enemies while you make a getaway.

Watch Your Positioning

Positioning is important on Morgana for a couple of reasons. For starters Dark Binding can impact minions and so will require a clear line of sight to your intended target. For a surprise bind on an enemy hiding behind minions, try to time it so that you fire your snare as soon as the minion in front of them dies. If you’re playing support Morgana hiding to the side in the bushes is another great way to surprise the enemy carry.

Your positioning will also be important when using Morgana’s ultimate ability. It’s an area of effect attack that will immediately do damage to any enemy champions within the area of effect around her, and will then snare and do another dose of damage if they remain in that area after 4 seconds. Aim for tight groups so that you not only get the initial burst of damage but the second one along with the snare. The ultimate remains active while morgana is moving, so don’t be afraid to keep your target in range by chasing them down.

Heal off of Minion Waves

Morgana’s passive gives her a powerful Spell Vamp advantage when paired with her AoE damage over time ability Tormented Soil. If you find yourself low on health and want to stay in lane instead of going back to base, use tormented soil on the minion waves to quickly regenerate a large portion of health.

The same strategy can be used in team fights. Place a tormented soil in the middle of the action and not only will you be draining the enemy team’s health, you’ll be replenishing yours.

Shield Up

The Black Shield is not only useful for absorbing magic damage, it will also deny enemy slows and snares that hit the champion who is protected by it. Many times you’ll want to use the shield on yourself if you’re ganking or in danger of being killed, but if there’s a team fight, your best bet is to use it to protect your teams carry.

The enemy champions will be gunning for your Ad Carry, make their job extremely difficult and life for your teammate a lot easier by protecting them with the Black Shield during a team fight. If they can’t CC your carry, chances are they wont be able to kill them very easily.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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