Death By Reindeer

Festival of Glorian

Part 1: Death By Reindeer

By Dalmarus

With the holidays upon us, what would an MMO be without some form of
celebration? The developers of Vanguard have graced us with the
Festival of Glorian for our holiday celebration enjoyment! Explore all
Telon has to offer as Atnas Claws spreads the spirit of giving all
across the land.

Over the next two weeks we'll take some time to report on screenshots,
news, and any inside information we discover to aid you in enjoying
everything the Festival has to offer. There are such goodies as
candies, cookies, masks, and more to find throughout the land so be
sure to keep your eyes open!

Randolph the Flying Reindeer

Today, I've decided to give everyone a quick guide on probably the most
sought after holiday item - Randolph the Flying Reindeer. When
was first mentioned near the end of last week, it seemed as though he
was just going to be a rentable mount that we would be able to use
for a quick guide of the skies above particular cities.
the surprise when he turned out to be a "permanent" flying mount!

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While not actually permanent in the sense that he'll be with us
forever, rumors are abounding that he'll stick around until the New
Year is upon us. Having a flying mount on command and in any zone has
been a lot of fun so far. I can't wait to see the amount of pain the
loss of him will cause everyone. There should be some interesting
withdrawal symptoms popping up at that time, haha.

In any case, you don't want to hear me ramble, do you? If course not!
On with the guide to acquiring Randolph for yourself!

Where Do I Start?

While not confirmed yet, it appears that Randolph can be attained in
any of the large cities scattered throughout Telon. So far, it has been
confirmed that Reindeer Masters can be found in New Targanor, Ahgram,
and Khal. As the week continues, I will update this portion to reflect
any other confirmed locations. For this guide, we'll be using the
Reindeer Master in Khal. The method is the same for the other locations
as well; it's just a matter of finding them.

The Elusive Reindeer Master

To locate the Reindeer Master in Khal, travel to the dock on the other
side of the seawall surrounding the city and run towards the
dock masters. Along the wall, you will see a Festival of Glorian tree
and a goblin standing under it, named Felonius Grinch.

Hail him and choose, "Please may I have the reins of Randolph?" Now
while this may kill a lesser necromancer for having to nearly plead
with anyone this way, it's best if you just struggle through it and
ask. Trust me. In the end, it's worth it!

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A Flute?

Now that you've got a magic flute in your inventory, drag it over to
your mount screen and put it in the bottom slot, just as you would a
rentable flying mount. You now have a flying mount of very own! At
least for a while, that is. Everything else is just like any other
flying mount, both in movement and take off. If there's anything else
about flying mounts you'd like to know, please see our style="font-weight: bold;"
to Renting
Flying Mounts for more information.

style="width: 400px; height: 353px;" alt="Randolph"

You Said Death By Reindeer...

Sadly, I did. The worst of it was that I hadn't had Randolph for more
than a few minutes when I managed to plummet to my death...

The first thing I did when I got him was to fly up to take a good look
at the statues mounted on the docks of call because I've always wanted
to take a close look at them. Well, as I was running towards the
shoulder of one, I happen to be just low enough that I grazed his
shoulder. In that brief instant, Randolph "landed" on the shoulder and
since we were still moving forward, decided to nose dive off the other

style="width: 500px; height: 345px;" alt="Khal Statue"

So as fair warning to everyone, once your mount (any flying mount)
leaps off an edge and starts plummeting to the ground, you can't get
him flying again by double-tapping your space bar as normal, because
there's nothing for them to "launch" off of. Loud and verbose cursing
at Randolph will also not aid you in getting him back into the air,
sadly enough.

Happy tombstone gathering!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016