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Tracking Quests
& Locations


Is there an easy way for me to track the progress of a quest? How can I
find the locations a quest is directing me to?


Quest tracking in Vanguard is a pretty simple thing; it displays your
quest objectives and marks your progress toward your goals. To track a
quest  just open your quest journal (click on the journal icon
on your hotbar or type L, the key your journal is mapped to by default)
and you'll see the options available to you. Click on a quest to
highlight it. In the center of the quest window you'll find the track
quest toggle. Click this once to toggle quest tracking on (or again to
turn it off). When you see a check mark in the quest window beside the
words "track quest," you're currently tracking the highlighted quest in
your heads up display.You can track the progress of more than one quest at a time.  (See figure 1 below.)

You can also track the locations of various points of interest related
to quests as well as specific quest NPCs that you need to interact
with. To do this, open your quest journal, highlight a quest, and then
scroll down to the bottom of the quest dialog. Select the NPC or
location you wish to track. (See figure 2 below.) You'll notice that a
red line has been added to your compass. Point your character in the
direction marked by the red line and head out! As you get closer to
your destination, the red line will grow wider, and when you reach your
destination it will cover the entire compass. You can only track one location at a time, of course.

Good luck and happy questing!

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Figure 1

Quest Tracking

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Figure 2

Location Tracking

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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