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Taking (and Locating) Vanguard Screenshots



Let's say I want to contribute some images to the Vanguard Ten Ton Armor Project. How do I take screenshots? And where do I find them once I've taken them?


Taking a screenshot is simple enough. Screenshots are mapped (by default) to the - (minus) key on your number keypad. (That's the number pad to the right of your alphabetical keyboard.) When you're in Vanguard and you'd like to snap a picture, simply press the - key and you should receive a message on your chat panel telling you that you've taken a screenshot.

Once you've taken your screenshots and exited the game, you'll find the images in the following location:

C:\Program Files\Sony\Vanguard\ScreenShots

That's assuming that your hard drive is C.

I'm Ready for My Close Up, Mister DeMille!

The act of taking a screenshot to capture an in-game moment doesn't guarantee you a great shot. It helps to have a little knowledge of how to set the stage for a good image. Here are some tips to help you capture great screenies:

  • Turn off your UI. Unless you're specifically trying to capture a screenshot of your UI or some chat text, turn it off. You can temporarily turn off the UI by hitting the F10 key. To turn the UI back on, just hit F10 again, or hit ESCAPE.
  • Turn off names. Don't want names dangling over everyone's head? You can turn them off by hitting the N key. (It's a toggle. N also turns names back on.) Note that if you have someone or something targeted, the target's name will show regardless of whether you have names turned off.
  • Take pictures in bright daylight. If you're looking to take a shot to showcase your armor or your character, get out in the daylight. Lighting makes a huge difference in the quality of a screenshot. Some atmospheric shots look great indoors or in the dark, but if you're trying to capture a good image of your character you'll need to step out in the sunshine.
  • Mind the shadows. Daylight means shadows. You may have to turn your character around to get the best angle and the best lighting conditions.
  • Take lots of shots. Unless your hard drive has very limited space, there's nothing wrong with taking a ton of screenshots. Later, you can move the best shots to another folder and wipe out the rest to make room.

You're now ready to become an expert screenshot photographer. Perhaps someday you'll be showing off great screenies like the ones below, which were captured by our community members.

Screenshot by DaveDash

by DaveDash

Screenshot by Deathrow

by Deathrow

Screenshot by JKata

by JKata


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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