Psionicist Top 10 Bugs & Issues

As of April 19, 2007

Compiled by Suul

This is the first in a series of
bug lists the Class Specialists at Ten Ton Hammer will be compiling for
review by the Sigil development team. We are inviting the developers to
respond to any bugs they feel are working as intended or to offer any
explanation of how a bug on this list might change in the future. Suul
compiled this list with the aid of other psionicists on the Ten Ton
Hammer forums.

Issue: Enhanced and more exclusive
control abilities

Our crowd control  isn't bad but very limited and with reaching
level 40, more and more mobs are immune to charm, mezz, clone. In some
areas immunities are the rule and not the exception which makes us
utterly useless.

Issue: Buff timers

This is important for all classes really. 30 minute buffs need to be
extended to an hour for one thing. We also need group buffs. When it
comes to raiding, it will take longer to buff an entire raid than it
will to kill the mobs.

Issue: Psychic Schism II and III

Offer almost no benefit over I. The damage increase is marginal at best
and does not scale to decrease enemy spell damage output. Either have
the reduction in enemy damage scale OR change it to a flat percentage
increase to enemy spell casting time.

Issue: Damage Per Second (DPS)

Our DPS doesn't seem to scale very well in the late 30s and 40s
compared to other DPS classes.

Issue: Charm

Charming does not get any more effective as you level up/skill up/gear
up. This is silly. PSIs not asking for an 'I win' button, but when
attributes, gear and skill are maximized, charm should be fairly
reliable--not fairly unreliable.

Issue: Astral form

The current look is the same as invisibility. Please either give it a
neat graphic that's different or remove the graphic completely.

Bug: Cerebral Bastion

This ability does not work at all.

Bug: Psychic Mutation

This ability is currently not working.

Bug: Lure

This ability doesn't appear to be working at all.

Issue: Mind Wipe/Memory Shift

The effectiveness of these abilities is less than stellar on both,
especially when used on self.

Bonus Wish

One last thing that is being suggested a lot for our class is to make
us more specialized (like the Shamans' and Monks' different forms).
Suggestions have included a Crowd Control form, DPS form, and charming

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