Bard Top Ten Bug List

As of 4-25-2007

by Changul


This is one in a series of bugs and
issues lists
the Class Specialists at Ten Ton Hammer will be compiling for review by
the Sigil development team. We are inviting the developers to
respond to any bugs they feel are working as intended or to offer any
explanation of how a bug on this list might change in the future.
Changul compiled this list with the aid of other Bards on the
Vanguard Ten Ton
Hammer forums.

Bug: Invisibility Bug

Invisibility song
flickers both in and out of combat, and sometimes makes you completely
disappear from screen.. People in the group disappear as
well. You cannot see your toon at all and cannot see where you are or
where to go.

Issue: Debuff causes lag.

Fix the debuff/lag issue. The FPS rate significantly decreases
for solo and entire groups.

style="font-weight: bold;">Bug:
DoT, HoT and Cure bugs

Fix our DoT and HoT songs so that they are not only horribly
underpowered, but
also so that we can melee and fire ranged missiles
without them getting resisted 100%. Cure also simply does not work,
even with instruments. Health regeneration still not working as

Issue: Components and Instruments

Components do not make sense. ( ie. My song has a voice mod, my
embellishment takes a wind instrument and my chorus needs brass.)

Bug: Levitate and Slow Fall

Levitate and slow fall just don't take effect sometimes and you
fall to your death.

Issue: No Buffs for Bards.

Why don't bards have any significant buffs that they can give?
Our buffs using a song only last as long as we are playing the song and
are only given to those in group.

Instruments and songs

There are very few instruments available for the 15-30 range. In
addition, we would like to see them equip. We would like more songs,
and would like to HEAR songs.

Bug: Swirl of the Tempest

Fix Swirl of the Tempest the AoE; the cone location is messed up.

Issue: Character Sheet

Fix the character sheet to properly show updated song effects on
our various stats

Issue: Bard Mods

It is ridiculous to do quests for a piece of armor that has a drum mod,
that is lower than ANY drum, since mods do not stack, and then wearing
the armor actually lowers speed. Please let them stack or increase the

style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(153, 51, 0);">Wish: Give us back
our Endurance Regeneration Song, please!

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