Guild Housing Questions


by Changul

So you have a guild, and even a house, but there are no guild plots?
Fret no more, Sigil Dev Kwags has answers for you. Many thanks to Kwags
and Optimas from href="">Vanguard Crafter's for this great info!


Q. Can players give ownership of their plots to their Guild?

A. No, any member of a guild can designate their house as the guild
headquarters, but the player will still own the house.

Q.  As a Guild leader will I have to give up my house plot to
purchase the Guild plot when the time comes?

A. If you want to purchase a different plot, you will need to abandon
your current plot. However, the guild leader does not need to purchase
a guild hall. Any player can purchase a guild hall. Just have that
person designate it as the guild HQ.

Q. Are the player Communites that are forming now going to be separate
from player cities?

( example my guild owns 65 of the 78 plots on a certain island. Will we
control that island with votes etc... )

A. The details of player cities are still being finalized. Owning a
house in a player city will likely afford the player a higher status in
the city. What exactly that means is still being worked out.

Q.And lastly when can we expect to be able to purchase guild hall plots?

A. Soon(tm).

Additionally, when you go to your house and click inspect, you will
find options available for guild housing and guild members. In order to
make your house the guild HQ, the guild leader must agree to this and
be in the vicinity when you choose this option. You can allow your
entire guild full access to the HQ, or limit it to certain guild levels
such as member, elder, officer or leader. There are options to allow
members to donate cash for upkeep, permissions for viewing upkeep
status, and the ability to move or place furniture or chests.

Chests can now be managed as well. You can add people to your chest
permissions lists by clicking the "manage chest" option. This opens a
menu where you can add the guild, or single members full or partial
access to the chest. They can add things, remove items, or merely view
the insides.

One last tip! When you are searching for furniture for your house, the
easiest way to do this is to simply type the continental style into the
search parameters of the broker, ie. "Kojani", "Qalian" or "Thestran".
This will bring up other items as well, but at least you can find your
housing accessories now! Remember, although housing must match the
continent you place upon, furniture can mix and match!

Happy Housing Hunting!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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