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Mangled Hide Armor

Contributed by Oktavian

Worn by Haruka

Type: Medium Armor
How Acquired: Crafted. Stats shown without enhancements.

NOTICE: Stats shown are examples only. Crafted armor stats may vary.

Classes: Bard, Paladin, Cleric, Monk, Ranger, Dread Knight,
Rogue, Shaman, Disciple, Warrior


Mangled Hide - Kojan Style

Kojan Style
Stats shown below
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Mangled Hide - Thestran Style

Thestran Style
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Mangled Hide Wristguards

5 Armor Class
+1 Intelligence

Level: 5

Mangled Hide Belt

13 Armor Class
+2 Strength

Level: 8

Mangled Hide Shoulderpads

19 Armor Clas
+3 Wisdom

Level: 30

Mangled Hide Boots

27 Armor Class
+5 Strength

Level: 7

Mangled Hide Tunic

27 Armor Class
+5 Strength

Level: 7

Mangled Hide Gloves

14 Armor Class
+2 Strength

Level: 9

Mangled Hide Leggings

25 Armor Class
+4 Intelligence

Level: 8





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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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