bonus would you like Sigil to offer next?

By Changul

Vanguard has issues. Bugs, unfinished areas, the ever-popular
crash-to-desktop, chunk deaths, and more. A small price to pay for what
we hope will be a truly awesome game..someday. But in the meantime, do
you feel we, as players, should be reimbursed somehow for what is
basically helping Sigil iron out the wrinkles in Vanguard? We *are* the
paying customers, after all. So shouldn't we at least get some sort of
reward or compensation?

Bearing in mind the screams of dismay from the community during double
xp weekends, I will try and offer some other options as well. We have
to remember that such rewards may or may not be easy for Sigil to
implement. And too, should they? Do they have a responsibility to offer

I would say they do not have such a responsibility, but rather,
*should* have the conscience to do so. Many dedicated players suffer
consequences from playing what is essentially still a "beta". They plug
on, whether crafting, adventuring, or dealing with cheating NPC
diplomats who pull out magic cards from various sleeves or orifices. We
die at a chunk line, and the tombstone is no longer visible, being
magically transported to a chunk 20 levels above and camped by the
Demonspawns of Doom. We struggle through a tedious long quest, only to
find the last stage is bugged and, imagine that! No recompense is
offered. Crafting is painful and bugged. Does "This is a known issue"
really satisfy a paying customer? What would help ease your suffering?
Vote now and let your voice be heard!

  • Double xp weekend once a month, rotate spheres.
  • Special cloak, choice of colors allowed.
  • Free "Death" token with 5 charges ( no xp loss and tombstones can
    be reclaimed free)
  • Free "speed" upgrade for mounts.
  • Free "rent" on plots or houses until re-launch.
  • Other: (one choice, no rants please).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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