June 12, 2007

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Collected by Shayalyn

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Soloer? Prove It!

Nergle wants to know if you can solo; but not just any mob--4 to 6 dot
mobs. So? Can ya? He wants you to provide video proof. So download
Fraps, jump into Vanguard, and watch your framerate hit 2 FPS as you
record a video.

Own All

So, how strong is the cleric in Vanguard? Are they as epic as everyone
says? Community member Urial44094409 asked that very question and tons
of people responded. How's your cleric's DPS? Weigh in in the debate.

EQ Flashbacks, Batman!

Does Vanguard remind you of EverQuest...in a good way? Daemein is
diggin' the EQ vibe in Vanguard, and enjoying kiting with a druid
again. He also thinks World of Warcraft was just too damn easy. If you
agree, or even if you disagree, you can state your case in this thread.

Advancement System...or Not?

So, does Vanguard have a means of alternate advancement (AA)? It
doesn't yet. But fans are wondering if it will someday. Ten Ton
Hammer's Ralsu submitted an interview to Sigil about this very topic
back in the day. We were told they weren't ready to talk about it yet.
While we prepare to nudge our questions back at SOE, you can discuss AA
in this thread.

a Head to Do?

Our poor naked heads. Will we ever get helms in Vanguard? Can we ever
look forward to helmet hair? Or are we doomed to run around Telon with
nothing but air between a giant's fist and our squishy little heads?
This thread got a href="http://forums.station.sony.com/vg/posts/list.m?start=30&topic_id=11102#92218">developer
response, so check it out.

So...No Advanced Encounters

Wondering what ever happened to the promised Advanced Encounter System
(AES)? Looks like its hit the trashcan for now. Fessius, Associate
Producer for Vanguard, explains in this thread.


Kurakkon started a thread offering 7 tips for new Vanguard players. You
can either learn something there, or chime in with some tips of your
own as other community members have done.

Bright Lives

Remember that iconic little 80's doll, Rainbow Bright? (I'm ashamed to
admit I do. No, I never owned one.) Well, now you can make your
Vanguard text all rainbow-y and bright, too. Neowulf shows you how to
make cool text macros in multiple colors from Smurf blue to Gargamel

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