Ten Ton Hammer Quest Guide

URT Hero Mission: The Ambassador's Daughter

by Shayalyn

Quest Details

Minimum Level: 14

Quest Givers:

  • Alaran Santul, Misthaven Crossing
  • Lillia Brustleweed, Silverlake
  • Marigold Chubb, Shoreline Ruins

Completed By:

  • Liniona Feradyl, Shoreline Ruins


  • Scalemail of the United Races
  • Chainmail of the United Races
  • Robe of the United Races
  • Breastplate of the United Races


URT Quest Series

Renton Keep

Kaon's Rush


Shoreline Ruins

About the Quest

This quest is fun, but the travel can be a challenge. Invisibility helps tremendously if it's available to you, as you'll be traversing some mob-infested terrain in the process of rescuing the ambassador's daughter. The quest is issued by several NPCs depending on your location in Telon. All of them will direct you to Liniona Feradyl in Shoreline Ruins.

Step One: Asking Around

You'll find Liniona standing on the path heading up to The Deebs near the Shorelin Ruins guard tower. She will tell you:

"As you may have heard, one of our ambassador's daughters is missing. Some say she ran away because she couldn't handle the pressures of a high profile lifestyle and some say she was kidnapped. Regardless of why she is missing, we need to get her back to the ambassador."

"I have no clue as to where she is, but I know someone who might know something. Travel to Jalsha's Rest and speak with Jalsha Sakahri. He's a gypsy, but he knows much of the local affairs in this area."

Jalsha is a bit tricky to find, as your quest doesn't give you an automatic waypoint and Liniona doesn't seem to want to give directions. Open your quest journal and click the Locations tab. Select All Thestra and scroll through the entries. You should find Jalsha's marker there. If that doesn't work, stand near Liniona and face the guard tower, then run along the ridge to your left. At any rate, be careful to avoid the 3-dot spiders that inhabit the ridge unless you're in the mood for a fight.

You'll find Jalsha's gypsy camp along the ridge. Go and speak to this gruff-voiced Vulmane for the next part of your quest. He will give you a side quest that you need to complete before he'll tell you more. Return after you've appeased him and gathered the necessary information and Liniona will give you a whopping 90 copper.

Step Two: First Things First

Jalsha will tell you:

"Oh, Liniona sent you? I assume you're looking for that girl that all the guards have been talking about lately. Apparently, they're all on watch for her."

"I have a good sense for what goes on in these parts. I keep my eyes and ears where most don't dare to. I can help you find this girl, but you'll need to do something for me first."

"To the north is a camp of Vultrix, vile creatures and that are the cause of my cat Sponchy's death. Collect a good number of their beaks, and I'll help you."

Off you go to collect some Vultrix beaks. This time you'll have a waypoint. The Vultrix are 2-dot and level 19. They're very easy to single pull from their camp, and very few of them wander. Gather 20 beaks and return to Jalsha for a reward of 1 silver 80 copper. Head back to Liniona with the information Jalsha has given you.

Note: If you find Sponchy's necklace in the process of collecting the beaks, all the better. Right click it to receive a quest to return it to Jalsha, a little bonus since you're on your way there, anyhow.

Step Three: Investigating the Scene

Jalsha has told you that he's heard the ambassador's daughter has ventured to the family's old vacation home in Sealake. Inform Liniona and she will tell you:

"Oh, so you think she may be at Sealake? Well, you must travel to Sealake and search for her - or any evidence that may lead us in the right direction. If she traveled to Sealake, she probably went to visit her family's old vacation home. I'll mark where that house is for you on your map. Now make haste!"

Here's where the tricky travel comes in. You'll go through the outpost of Charbrook Village (which, incidentally, contains an exchange broker and a number of side quests you may want to check out) and head down a trail infested with spiders and snakes and bears (oh, my!) plus a host of other things that want to eat you. If you're not in the mood to fight them all (they're 2-dots and around level 19-21) an invis would come in handy. Otherwise, just smile and take the extra experience you'll get for killing them off.

You can swim through the lake along the shoreline to your destination and avoid most of these mobs. However, be careful because you might also encounter an enormous level 21-22 3-dot stoneshell crab who'll be a bit harder to take out than the bears and wolves along the footpath.

You'll find the first house at Sealake infested with spiders. The stormspiders are level 19-21 2-dots except for one named critter, Venomspray, who is a level 20 3-dot. Venomspray stands a good chance of dropping Lifeblood boots or a venom etched carapace (shield). Both are nice low level armor finds that sell for a few coin. The boss spider spawns fairly quickly, so you may have a chance of taking him out more than once.

Make your way through the spiders (bring a friend if you're squishy, because it's easy to get adds) and into the house proper. You'll find a few more stormspiders inside the house that you'll need to get out of the way. Take care of them, and you'll find a "pile of rubble" in the house's second room. Be warned that you may have to search it multiple times to find what you're looking for. At least at this writing, it took many right clicks before evidence of the missing girl appeared.

Take the evidence, a locket, and head back the way you came to Liniona. She will reward you with 1 silver 80 copper and the next part of the quest.

Step 4: Being Prepared

Liniona has another mission to Sealake for you:

"Judging on the webs that are spun around this locket, I would say that the spiders likely wrapped the girl up in a cocoon and dragged her off to their nearby cave."

"Before you go to the cave to rescue her, you'll need a utensil for cutting her out of her cocoon. Stormspider silk is incredibly strong. The one thing effective for cutting it is the fangs of Stormspiders themselves."

"Go collect a good number of Stormspider fangs so that I can construct a saw for you to rescue the girl with."

Back you go to Sealake to collect 20 stormspider fangs. Bring them back to Liniona and she will reward you with 1 silver 80 copper.

Step 5: Breaking Free

Now you're headed to a spider lair. Liniona tells you:

"Okay, I have prepared the saw. Take it and travel to the Den of Vashat. You may have to travel to the very end of the den if you wish to find her, but once you do, use the saw on her cocoon to break her free. Once she is free, lead her back to me, and I will take care of things from there."

Follow the waypoint to the spider den. You'll find stormspiders awaiting you outside. Fight your way through them and into the cavern. Then you'll need to fight your way all the way to the back of the lair where you'll find a body encased in webs. (In fact, you'll find these bodies throughout the tunnel, and you can interact with all of them, but only the one at the very back of the lair will be the ambassador's daughter.) Use the saw to cut through the webbing and free the girl. She will then follow you out. Lead the way out of the den and back to Liniona for 1 silver 80 copper and the undying gratitude of the URT.

Wrapping it Up

You didn't have to slaughter any innocents or grind up any bodies this time, so this quest went fairly well. Speak to Liniona again and receive your final reward, one of the following pieces of URT chest armor:


Scalemail of the United Races

Medium Armor
120 Armor Class
+9 Strength
+9 Dexterity
+90 Hit Points
+8 Melee Accuracy

Level: 20
Required Classes: Bard, Paladin, Cleric, Inquisitor, Monk, Ranger, Dread Knight, Rogue, Shaman, Disciple, Warrior

Chainmail of the United Races

Medium Armor
120 Armor Class
+8 Intelligence
+8 Wisdom
+90 Energy
+30 Healing Focus

Level: 20
Required Classes: Bard, Paladin, Cleric, Inquisitor, Monk, Ranger, Dread Knight, Rogue, Shaman, Disciple, Warrior

Robe of the United Races

Light Armor
60Armor Class
+ 8 Intelligence
+8 Wisdom

+90 Energy
+30 Spell Damage Focus

Level: 20
Required Classes: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Psionicist, Monk, Ranger, Rogue, Shaman, Sorcerer, Disciple, Blood Mage, Necromancer

Breastplate of the United Races

Heavy Armor
288 Armor Class
+8 Strength
+8 Constitution

+60 Hit Points
+7 Melee Mitigation

Level: 20
Required Classes: Paladin, Cleric, Dread Knight, Warrior






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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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