Tuesday Tip: The Riftway System

alt="Tuesday's Tips"

style="font-weight: bold;">Understanding The Riftway System

style="font-style: italic;">by Dalmarus


What are the Riftways? How do they work?


The Riftways are a series of stones used for quick teleportion around
the vast world of Telon.

If only the answer were that simple though...

Riftway Shards

alt="Riftway Shard"
hspace="10" vspace="5">Before being able to make use
the Riftways, you'll
need to visit your
nearest General Goods vendor and purchase at least one Riftway Shard.
Each time you use a riftway stone, one shard is consumed by the magical
transfer of matter and energy that transports you across the land. In
other words, you lose a shard every time you travel in this manner.
Fortunately, the stones are inexpensive and while I'm not sure what the
maximum size of a stack is, I can say it's at least 101. While I was
interested in seeing how high it would go, I thought anything near a
hundred shards was quite sufficient for a single stack.

Unlocking A Riftstone

cannot be teleported to a  riftstone unless you have already
unlocked it. To unlock a
riftstone (after finding it of course), simply right-click on it. At
that time, you will get a message that you have unlocked "Riftstone: X"
and it is now available for travel. While the stones themselves aren't
too hard to find (they're listed on the map), they can certainly be a
challenge to actually get to, so be sure to excercise some caution when
hunting for them.

Riftway Networks

The Riftway System is divided up into three separate networks, so lets
break them down here:

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cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2">
style="width: 200px; background-color: rgb(229, 228, 156); text-align: center; vertical-align: top;"> style="font-weight: bold;">Blighted Lands
style="font-weight: bold;">
Coterie Infineum

Lomshir Plain
style="font-weight: bold;">
Magi Hold
style="font-weight: bold;">
Qa Riverbank
style="font-weight: bold;">
Renton Keep
style="font-weight: bold;">
Strand of the

The Deebs
style="font-weight: bold;">
Vault of Heroes
style="font-weight: bold;">
Wildgrowth Forest
style="width: 200px; background-color: rgb(229, 228, 156); text-align: center; vertical-align: top;"> style="font-weight: bold;">Beranid Hills
style="font-weight: bold;">
Frostshard Lake
style="font-weight: bold;">
Jathred's Twist
style="font-weight: bold;">
River Palace
style="font-weight: bold;">
Ruins of Vol Tuniel
style="font-weight: bold;">
Zossyr Hakrel style="font-weight: bold; background-color: rgb(229, 228, 156); width: 200px; text-align: center; vertical-align: top;">Flordiel

Pankor Zhi

Plains of Anguish


Wyrmwing Slopes

: style="font-style: italic;"> style="font-weight: bold; color: rgb(51, 102, 102);">Ahgram,
and Tawar
be reached from any of the above riftstones, but it's a one-way trip.
The stones for these cities cannot be used to
travel to any other destination.

You can travel to any riftstone that is within the same
network as the stone you're currently using, but you cannot travel to a
stone outside of that network. For example, if you were at the
Lomshir Plain riftstone, you could not use it to travel to the River
Palace riftstone because they are in separate networks. As you can see
by the tables above, Lomshir Plain is in Network I, while River Palace
is in Network II.

Using A Riftway Stone

Once you understand all the above information, actually using the
Riftway System is pretty easy. When you are at a riftstone you wish to
use, simply right click on it, and a window will appear asking you to
choose which continent you wish to access (the above networks each
multiple continents):

alt="Riftway Continent Choice"

Once you choose the continent, another message will appear asking which
stone you wish to be transported to:

alt="Riftway Destination Choice"

After making your final selection, a riftway shard is removed from your
inventory, and you are whisked away to your chosen destination for fun
and adventure. If you choose a riftstone that you have not unlocked
yet, you will
receive a message to that affect and be asked to make another choice.

alt="Riftway Stone"
hspace="10" vspace="5">Conclusion

There you go everyone! After gathering the information for this
article, the Riftway System is pretty easy to use, but don't let anyone
fool you... before this, the system had confused me as well. Don't
be afraid to speak up if there's something you'd like to know since
that's the entire point of our Tuesday's
Tips. Send in your questions and let's help everyone out!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016