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Generosity for the Win

Giving BoP Items to Non-Grouped

by Shayalyn



I was soloing and a mob dropped a nice bind-on-pickup
(BoP) item that I couldn't use. Is there any way I can release it or
give it to another player?


Actually, there is
a way to give a BoP item to another player. You'll need to be in the
same zone (proximity doesn't make a difference). It's not even
necessary to be grouped with the player. Here's how you do it. Type:

<player name> <item link>

You'll insert the player's name without the brackets, of course. And
for the item link, simply hold the shift key and click on the image
icon of the item. Hit enter, and a pop-up window will appear asking you
to confirm that you want to give this no-drop item to the player you
named. Accept, and the item will automagically appear in that player's
inventory. Nifty, isn't it?

HINT: Sometimes
you'll need to wait on a friend to arrive from another zone. If you're
in a safe location, you may be able to "hold" the corpse with the item
by remaining in loot position. Simply make as if you're going to loot
the corpse, but don't pick up the item you intend to give away. You'll
stay in position, and the corpse should remain indefinitely. (I was
able to hold a corpse for quite a while today doing this. If it does
time out, the timer is fairly long.)

Unfortunately, if you're attacked while holding a corpse you'll likely
lose it. But it's worth a shot, and other players will certainly
appreciate your generosity.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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