Playing the Waiting Game

by Aunraye

Vanguard has lured us in with its
exciting glimpses of a new
massively multi-player online world that promises to rewrite the book
on MMOs.
Between the screenshots, the videos, the devs’ hints of the future, the
new classes, and the new races, many Vanguard fans have big dreams for
this game. Is Vanguard worth the wait? Many of us have decided
that it is. In fact, for now the game seems even more than
worth it as we eagerly search the forums for news, wait for a chance at
beta, and watch for a release date.

We all have different dreams for our perfect MMO. Perhaps we’ve
discussed them before with friends, family, or in various forums. Our
goal is to have an experience that meets the individual standards we
set for gaming fun--different needs for different people,
just as we all pick different classes and races in the game. Yet for
now we all share one thing in common; we chose to wait for Vanguard.

Most of us have fond memories of past MMOs. Even I have them, and to be
fair I have only been playing for a little over a year.  I miss
moments of fun playing with my in-game friends, and my guild. Despite
the things that made us leave, reduce our play time, or perhaps just
realize that once Vanguard comes out we will not be devoting ourselves
to our old MMOs as fully, we have many memories of what we loved about
them. We also know what we didn’t like. When it comes to friends,
Vanguard has promised us a game full of community atmosphere to help us
reunite old friends, and join with new friends.  

Beyond community, many of us look forward to exploring new classes and
new races in Vanguard. Some players love to venture out into the new
and unknown, beyond what every game has to those things that are unique
to THIS game--something that can only be done in this world and nowhere
else. Diplomacy is one new twist for Vanguard that may lead some
players away from the playing the full fledged adventurer to a more
mixed style (which Vanguard’s developers have posted encouraging
comments on).

Perhaps you would like to be in the beta for Vanguard. The urge to try
and get into beta can be a strong motivation for many people. Did you
start lurking around the community in the hopes of getting a beta
invite? For some, beta is a path to deciding whether they truly like a
game or not. Others suggest that beta isn’t a free trial, but admit
that it can be fun.  Some of us, after all, just like to try and
things which is, in a way, what a beta testing is for.

Why did you make Vanguard your game of choice? Why are you holding out
for it? Vote in our poll!

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style="color: rgb(153, 0, 0);">What's
the main reason you're holding out for Vanguard?

  • I like Vanguard’s promise of new and exciting things that
    you can’t get anywhere else
  • I want to reunite with all my old friends in a new game
  • I’m a fan of Sigil and trust them to make my dream MMO
  • I miss the feeling of my old MMOs and I believe Vanguard
    will give it back to me.
  • I was just bored and checked it out
  • I want in on a beta so I had to check things out to get in
  • Other

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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