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By Dalmarus

style="font-style: italic;">September
11, 2007

In response to Ralsu's review (and request for our own), here is what I
like to refer to as "Another View". So without futher ado, let's get
right to it!

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If you have the system to run it well, style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard is truly a
gorgeous game. While running or flying around the world, I go crazy
with the amount of screen shots I take, just to show friends that still
aren’t playing the game yet. Most of them still have a hard
time believing that the pictures are in game and not something I
managed to concoct out of the blue.

I won’t argue that some of the character models could
use some work, but Telon is a wonder to behold in all its glories.
It’s important to note though that the graphics and
performance have seen an improvement since Sony has taken the reigns.
With GU#2, some people saw huge improvements, while others saw only
small differences.

One thing that the Sigil team did get right for launch were a number of
the animations, both for players, and NPC’s. Add this in with
a multitude of different monster models and you’ve got
another point towards keeping players like myself interested as we roam
the world looking for that new mob we’ve never seen.

I would love to give this a 5 out of 5, but in truth I just
can’t. While it’s true that I do love the look of
the world, there are two things that keep me from giving this a maximum
rating – “jaggies” (give me my
Anti-Aliasing!) and the continued lack of character customization

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To my regret, I am forced to give the sound in style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard nothing
more than an average rating. The sound within the game ranges from
“very good” to “horrid”, but
the majority of it is fine. It's this utter lack of excitement
generated by most of the sounds within the game that is at odds with the
gorgeous world they reside in. The musical score isn’t bad,
but there are other MMO’s I can think of that even though the
games themselves were not fun to play, the music was astounding. While
I have bought the musical score for a couple games in the past, if style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard were to
released one today, I’m not sure I would bother taking the
time to even download it.

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This is where Vanguard
really shines for me. I can sum up the biggest reason for this with one
word – exploration! I’ve said it before and
I’ll say it again because it bears repeating…
“If you can see it, there is a way to get to it”. I
can’t stress how much this means to me in a game. The fact
that I can see for “miles” and actually go explore
that set of ruins I saw off in the distance as I gazed down from a
cliff is more awe inspiring than I can express.

While the majority of combat is fairly standard for any MMO vet, there
are two aspects that keep things interesting for me, even after
countless kills. With the added aspect of counters and weaknesses, I
always feel like I’m doing something in combat other than
just sitting there and mashing buttons. With a well-timed counter, a
caster can keep that 5-dot healer from going back to full health right
before the party kills it. By utilizing the weaknesses other party
members can initiate, massive damage can be done to foes in a short
period of time. There are a number of different ways to smite your
opponents (or avoid being smote) so even though some choose to
press A, B, rinse and repeat, know that there are more options.

And while the above statements cover my favorite parts of the game,
they aren’t the only play styles available. The Crafting
Sphere brings a lot of content to the game with player made items
actually being highly valued compared to most MMO’s. Add in
player housing and player boats within the game, and there are quite a
few things to strive for.

Diplomacy (while still needing some loving from the dev team) adds a
new aspect to MMO’s as well. The change of pace (or entire
play style) offered by it is a welcome sight and provides a valuable
outlet for player needs. I think it’s also an ingenious way
to spread the lore within the world of Telon. If you’re not
sure what I mean, do the initial diplomacy quests for the Kurashasa
(the cats) and see why I think they’re more evil than the
dark elves!

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I myself have had virtually no stability issues with style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard since the
second week or so after release. In that sense, I’d give style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard 5 hammers
here. The sad truth though, is that there are far too many individuals
that not only have general stability issues, but game-stopping ones. If
I tried to play a game and crashed to the desktop every ten minutes,
the parent company would not have long to fix it before I decided to
pack up my virtual bags and move on. Eight months after release, and
this is still a big problem for a lot of players? That’s just
not cool.

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The argument can be made that there is no raid content within style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard at this
time. My answer to that, at least for now? Go play on the Test Server
if you really want raid content and can’t wait for GU#3. I
will freely admit that I’ve never been a fan of raiding, so
take my thoughts on this with a grain of salt… or perhaps
the whole shaker. So in my eyes, there is available raid content in the
game although not yet on the live servers. Will that content live up to
player’s hopes and expectations? Perhaps it will, or perhaps
it won’t. In the spirit of fairness, this nets style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard 3 hammers
in my book.

PvP src=""> alt=""
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Although not a huge PvP’er myself, I thought that with Team
PvP, Vanguard had a chance to make PvP fun. I’ve always felt
that PvP needed some purpose other than killing your fellow player
simply because you felt like it. With teams, it provided a reason, a
direction if you will. Unfortunately though, Team PvP has been removed
with the recent server merges. The single PvP server left is using a
basic Free-For-All (FFA) system. With an FFA server, people tend to
either love it, or hate it. Either way, it’s hard not to feel
like the PvP in Vanguard was tacked on to the game at the last minute
simply so they could put one more “feature” on the
box to draw a larger crowd.

If you’re going to add PvP to a game, either do it right, or
don’t do it at all.

Overall (not an average) src=""> alt=""
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has its issues. You’ll never find me arguing that fact. The
simple truth of the matter though, is that for everything I can think
of as a fault, I can think of three things that are great about the
game. Vanguard
is the only MMO I’m currently paying for and for those that
know me, that’s a bit of a miracle in and of itself.
I’m the hopscotch master of bouncing between games, so for me
to stay in one spot and defend it whenever I feel the need, says a lot.
Even 8 months after release, Vanguard
still gives me that magic feeling from my early EQ days when I first
fell in love with an MMO.

It may have its problems, but no other game out there comes close to
giving me the satisfaction I feel playing style="font-style: italic;">Vanguard. If
I’m enjoying the game so much now, I can’t wait to
see what’s down the road as Sony attempts to tackle the
monumental task of making this bird fly like it should! style="font-style: italic;">

The Bottom Line:

Graphics: 4/5

Sound: 3/5

Game Play: 5/5

Stability: 3/5

Raid Content: 3/5

PvP: 1/5

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