Now that Alchemy 101 is over, we take it to the next level in our next Alchemy article. Or next 100 levels, I guess. New opportunities for greatness and more importantly profit open up in this range. We get you to 199 with a minimum of effort in our guide to tier 2 of Alchemy, 100-199!

Make the most of the potion materials you've got. If you can get a deal on Theonia, healing potions are always useful. Since Hasia is easier to come across, you'll likely get a better deal on purchasing it to create Mana Potions instead. Just like the last tier of Alchemy, brew what you can use and will use. It'll speed leveling oh so much. No matter what the quality, you can always find a use for healing potions. Except maybe Minor Life at 50...

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016