Food buffs in Aion are wonderful. So subtle in the effects, yet so obvious in the buff icons when targeting someone well fed. Do you have your own buffs to tell people in the abyss that you're prepared for the worst? Join the ranks of the gourmet chefs in Aion as we gear you up for frying more than just your enemies!

Did you follow my vitality extraction guide? If so, you probably have everything you need for this. Horto from Brusthonin is our ticket to finishing off this tier, and it's everywhere in the southern farmlands near camp if you forgot. Prices should be dirt cheap if you have to buy it since people will go after it for the repeatable quest. The actual food itself isn't half bad either, as everyone wants to run around with more HP in the Abyss or even in general. Broil away!

Check it out here!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016