The Lawful, the Chaotic, and the Neutral

It's easy to decide the alignment of your Dungeons & Dragons character based on his roleplaying personality, but how does alignment affect gameplay? Brennie's useful guide analyzes how alignment not only impacts class and multiclass choices, but the weapons you can wield and the armor you can wear. He also includes a list of enchanted item types and their restrictions.

Alignment plays both a more and less important role in Dungeons and Dragons Online than it does in its pen and paper counterpart. It is less important in that alignment does not restrict the actions or personality of your character. You can say, do, act, and simply be anything you desire to, regardless of your chosen alignment. What your alignment does affect is your class and multiclass selections, and your access to special alignment-restricted weapons, armors, and items.

Get the 411 on alignments [here].

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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