Our Quest Guide - Don't
Leave Tortage Without It!

As an Age of Conan Cimmerian, you have finally taken your leave of
Tortage and are ready to break into the wide open world. You
find yourself dropped into the unfamiliar town of Conarch Village with
no clue as to where to get started.

Whether you are a native to Conarch Village, or just passing through,
you'll want to get started on the right foot by knocking off those city
quests early on.  Our guide will lead you through the village
quests for those early levels, letting you know where to find them, how
to complete them, and what you get for your efforts.

We are
starting off the Conarch Village Quest series with city quests from
levels 19-25. These quests can all be obtained and easily completed in
these lower levels. These will help familiarize you with your new home
city so I always suggest taking the time to do them, even if only for
the sight seeing value.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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