If you're unsure which Ascended weapon you want to craft, you can view all of them below. If you're unsure what to do, simply copy the code (including the brackets) and paste it into any chat while in game. You can then preview the item in all their glory. 

Please note all the Ascended weapons are the same, they simply change in colour. 

Crafted in the style of the renowned asuran genius, Zojja.



Zojja's Reaver


Zojja's Razor


Zojja's Artifact


Zojja's Claymore


Zojja's Warhammer


Zojja's Impaler


Zojja's Greatbow


Zojja's Flanged Mace


Zojja's Revolver


Zojja's Musket


Zojja's Wand


Zojja's Bastion


Zojja's Short Bow


Zojja's Harpoon Gun


Zojja's Spire


Zojja's Blade


Zojja's Brazier


Crafted in the style of the ancient dwarven weaponsmith, Balthor Coalforge.



Coalforge's Reaver


Coalforge's Razor


Coalforge's Artifact


Coalforge's Claymore


Coalforge's Warhammer


Coalforge's Impaler


Coalforge's Greatbow


Coalforge's Flanged Mace


Coalforge's Revolver


Coalforge's Musket


Coalforge's Wand


Coalforge's Bastion


Coalforge's Short Bow


Coalforge's Harpoon Gun


Coalforge's Spire


Coalforge's Blade


Coalforge's Brazier


Crafted in the style of the ancient dwarven weaponsmith, Grand Mason Stonecleaver.



Stonecleaver's Reaver


Stonecleaver's Razor


Stonecleaver's Artifact


Stonecleaver's Claymore


Stonecleaver's Warhammer


Stonecleaver's Impaler


Stonecleaver's Greatbow


Stonecleaver's Flanged Mace


Stonecleaver's Revolver


Stonecleaver's Musket


Stonecleaver's Wand


Stonecleaver's Bastion


Stonecleaver's Short Bow


Stonecleaver's Harpoon Gun


Stonecleaver's Spire


Stonecleaver's Blade


Stonecleaver's Brazier


Stonecleaver's Trident


Stonecleaver's Herald


Crafted in the style of the renowned norn smith, Beigarth.



Beigarth's Reaver


Beigarth's Razor


Beigarth's Artifact


Beigarth's Claymore


Beigarth's Warhammer


Beigarth's Impaler


Beigarth's Greatbow


Beigarth's Flanged Mace


Beigarth's Revolver


Beigarth's Musket


Beigarth's Wand


Beigarth's Bastion


Beigarth's Short Bow


Beigarth's Harpoon Gun


Beigarth's Spire


Beigarth's Blade


Beigarth's Brazier


Beigarth's Trident


Beigarth's Herald


Crafted in the style of the renowned Sylvari smith, Occam.



Occam's Reaver


Occam's Razor


Occam's Artifact


Occam's Claymore


Occam's Warhammer


Occam's Impaler


Occam's Greatbow


Occam's Flanged Mace


Occam's Revolver


Occam's Musket


Occam's Wand


Occam's Bastion


Occam's Short Bow


Occam's Harpoon Gun


Occam's Spire


Occam's Blade


Occam's Brazier


Occam's Trident


Occam's Herald


Crafted in the style of the holy Zintl hylek tribe.



Zintl Reaver


Zintl Razor


Zintl Artifact


Zintl Claymore


Zintl Warhammer


Zintl Impaler


Zintl Greatbow


Zintl Flanged Mace


Zintl Revolver


Zintl Musket


Zintl Wand


Zintl Bastion


Zintl Short Bow


Zintl Harpoon Gun


Zintl Spire


Zintl Blade


Zintl Brazier


Zintl Trident


Zintl Herald


Crafted in the style of the renowned asuran engineer, Demolitionist Tonn.



Tonn's Reaver


Tonn's Razor


Tonn's Artifact


Tonn's Claymore


Tonn's Warhammer


Tonn's Impaler


Tonn's Greatbow


Tonn's Flanged Mace


Tonn's Revolver


Tonn's Musket


Tonn's Wand


Tonn's Bastion


Tonn's Short Bow


Tonn's Harpoon Gun


Tonn's Spire


Tonn's Blade


Tonn's Brazier


Tonn's Trident


Tonn's Herald


Crafted in the style of the ancient centaur weaponsmith, Grif Ebonmane.



Ebonmane's Reaver


Ebonmane's Razor


Ebonmane's Artifact


Ebonmane's Claymore


Ebonmane's Warhammer


Ebonmane's Impaler


Ebonmane's Greatbow


Ebonmane's Flanged Mace


Ebonmane's Revolver


Ebonmane's Musket


Ebonmane's Wand


Ebonmane's Bastion


Ebonmane's Short Bow


Ebonmane's Harpoon Gun


Ebonmane's Spire


Ebonmane's Blade


Ebonmane's Brazier


Ebonmane's Trident


Ebonmane's Herald


Crafted in the style of the renowned charr engineer, Tybalt Leftpaw.



Leftpaw's Reaver


Leftpaw's Razor


Leftpaw's Artifact


Leftpaw's Claymore


Leftpaw's Warhammer


Leftpaw's Impaler


Leftpaw's Greatbow


Leftpaw's Flanged Mace


Leftpaw's Revolver


Leftpaw's Musket


Leftpaw's Wand


Leftpaw's Bastion


Leftpaw's Short Bow


Leftpaw's Harpoon Gun


Leftpaw's Spire


Leftpaw's Blade


Leftpaw's Brazier


Leftpaw's Trident


Leftpaw's Herald



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