In Brewfest there are two major group events. One is a world event in which the Horde and Alliance Brewfest camps are attacked every thirty minutes. The other is a five man group boss fight inside of Blackrock Depths (BRD). The two events both involve a daily quest which can be turned in for tokens.

Coren Direbrew

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Coren Direbrew

Coren Direbrew can either be a difficult or an easy fight. One player in the group needs the “Insult Coren Direbrew” quest which can be obtained inside of the Grim Guzzler, the bar inside of BRD. You can get there with Coren’s Remote (a drop) or through one of the event moles at the entrance of the instance. Inside there will be a Brewfest Spy who will give the quest that activates the event. You can fight him as many times as players have the quest. So a group can do it up to five times.


  • Disarm: Disarms players in range for four seconds.
  • Taunt Immunity: Cannot be taunted.

Ursula Direbrew’s Abilities

  • Barreled!: Deals about 250ish damage, disorients for 8 seconds, and slows movement speed by 30% for 8 seconds.

Ursula and Ilsa Direbrew’s Abilities

  • Chuck Mug: Deals about 200 melee damage and gives a Dark Brewmaiden’s Brew
  • Stun: A six second stun that follows Chuck Mug that can be avoided with the above brew.


Turn in the quest and get the tank on the boss as soon as possible. Drills will occasionally spawn and add in adds (and the fight starts with three). Depending on your group you can either concentrate on DPSing the adds down or ignore them with fear. It depends all on your gear. Everyone needs to stay away from him that isn’t melee since his disarm does good damage and disarms.

Focus on the brewmaidens as fast as possible since the stun can get annoying if people don’t drink fast enough.  That’s about it. The fight is simple. To repeat, DPS Coren down as fast as possible. If your group is well geared then ignore the adds except for the brewmaidens which can be tanked with Hunter pets or just DPS’d down really fast.


  • Mounts: A Brewfest Kodo and Brewfest Ram drop. Both are epic mounts that require 150 riding skill. They can drop for opposite factions (meaning Horde can get Rams and Alliance can get Kodos).
  • Trinkets: There are two charms which give 45 stamina and summon Brewmaidens which will give you booze and do minor effects. The rest of the trinkets are the same as the Badge of Justice rewards (the 41 badge rewards).
  • Direbrew’s Shanker: Increases atk power by 36, gives 19 Agility, 18 Stamina, and is 87 DPS.
  • Direbrew’s Remote: Sends your party to the Grim Guzzler.
  • Direbrew’s Dire Brew: Starts a quest that gets you 40 tokens.

Dark Iron Attack World Event

Every thirty minutes the two Brewfest camps are attacked by Dark Iron attackers. The kegs have to be defended in order to “win” the event and get the daily quest done for 10 tokens. The event can be lost (all of the kegs destroyed) in which case the cog that gives the quest will not spawn.

To fight you have to pick up a complementary sample brew and drink. It may or may not a Dark Iron Dwarf knocking them down. One of the nearby NPCs will replace it so you can throw it again. A silver mug may spawn on the ground and if you move over it then you’ll get the Drunken Master debuff that makes you spin in a whirlwind knocking the Dwarves down.

When the fight is over and if any kegs remain (at least one must still be standing) then a cog will spawn giving a daily quest that can be done once a day (and only once). If the kegs are destroyed then there is nothing at the end and you have to wait 30 minutes.

The quest will generally be won. It takes more than one defender to win though, since the refresh on the booze will keep you from throwing fast enough to save the town. So it’s best to do it during a time of the day when a lot of people will be around.

As a small note, you can be any level and complete the quest or throw booze.

That’s about it for the Brewfest festivities! What are you waiting for? Head out and get to drinking!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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