The tropical island known as Monster Island hides many dangers in its steaming jungles. Terrifying creatures ranging from the results of genetic experiments conducted by mad scientists to invading aliens seeking to conquer the Earth to lost races wanting to reclaim their lost power can be found here. Not to mention the menace by mere mortal evil organizations such as Viper and ARGENT. Monster Island is definitely not a place for the weak. Fortunately, your friends at Ten Ton Hammer are here to help guide you through this perilous island.

This part of Monster Island has a strong Qularr presence. Notable areas of interest in this neighborhood are the Qularr Mothership, the Radiation Caves, and the Great Barrier Grief open mission. The Qularr enemies that are found here are Firebugs, Invasion Leaders, Swarmlords, Bugkeepers, Flying Drones, and Infected Invasion Leaders. In addition, the Qularr have reprogrammed a great number of Bureau 17 machines to use as their own. These machines include Reprogrammed Force Drones, Reprogrammed Protector Droids, Reprogrammed Behemoth Battledroids, Reprogrammed Hunter Drones, and Reprogrammed Revenger Droids. Aliens and robots sums up this neighborhood!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016