The Demon Hunter is the newest class coming to World of Warcraft in the game's newest expansion: Legion. This class is one that has long been a part of the game's lore and most players are excited to see it come to life as a playable class. Lending even more excitement to this class is the unique starting experience that every brand new Demon Hunter will get to take on.

While we don't have the full details on this much anticipated starting zone, what we do know sounds spectacular. Want to know more about the Demon Hunter starting zone? Read onward for a collection of all the information we have collected from various interviews, BlizzCon, and other sources on the subject.

Demon Hunter Overview

Like the Death Knight, the Demon Hunter is a hero class. This makes them distinctly different from other classes in that they start at a higher level (98) and have a starting zone experience that transcends race. This means that no matter if you are a Blood Elf or Night Elf, everyone gets the same starting zone experience. Also unique to this class is that they can only choose from 2 specializations. For more information on the Demon Hunter check out our handy Guide to the Demon Hunter for a basic overview of the class.

The Demon Hunter Experience

The introduction to the Demon Hunter will likely be an unforgettable experience. Taking you on a journey to learn what it truly means to be this class, players will never look at the Demon Hunter the same way. Serving as a story bridge between the Burning Crusade and Legion, this starting experience will finally answer the question; what was Illidan doing inside the Black Temple?


The beginning of the Demon Hunter experience takes us back in time. Illidan is completing his secret work inside the Black Temple, but the invading forces have come earlier than expected. You, as a part of Illidan's forces, are hell bent to complete this grand plan so you are sent post haste to a Demon world class Mardum.

Mardum was once a prison world for demons, created by Sargeras when he was still on the side of good. Now, the world has been shattered and the demons have been set free to roam the remains. You are here to collected the Sargerite Keystone, left by Sargeras in the care of one of his mighty lieutenants. This Keystone is the objective of your mission here and is one of the many items that may help stem the seemingly never-ending tide of the Burning Legion.

However, you won't take on this world and the demons in it in the traditional fashion. As a Demon Hunter you will use the Legion's powers against them. From using their devices, tap into the communication systems, and using their gateways to bring in your own armies, nothing will go to waste on this world. Like the Death Knight, Mardum is where you learn about your Demon Hunter abilities. Unlike the Death Knight, you will learn your new abilities and gain power from the enemies you slay on Mardum.

When your mission here is complete, you will return to the Black Temple. We know that things don't go smoothly here. You and the other Demon Hunters will be taken prisoner by Maiev Shadowsong and imprisoned inside of the Vault of the Wardens for what seems like may be eternity.

The Vault of the Wardens

Your journey does not end inside the Vault of the Wardens. Fast forward to present time and the Burning Legion has invaded our home. We are losing, badly. With the threat of the Legion looming, you must break free of your prison and save the world. Little more is known about this portion of the Demon Hunter experience to date.


After the Demon Hunter introduction concludes, you will join up with your faction of choice. You will head to either Stormwind or Orgrimmar to offer your help to those in charge. You will return to Mardum as part of the vanguard and establish your Class Order Hall and begin your quest for your very own set of Artifact Warglaives.

Please note, that all information found above could change before Legion is actually released. Check back for any updates to the Demon Hunter starting experience.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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