Look at Your Achievements!


The EverQuest II Achievement Abilities Guide has been added to and
updated! We've tossed in a bit more information, and a sample
chart to make things a bit more clear when you are looking for advice
on how to spend your points.  You'll also find links to all 36
of the class and sub-class achievement charts, giving you a quick and
easy reference when you aren't in game!

Once you hit top level, adventuring experience is
converted into
achievement experience, which still give those of us at level cap
something to strive for. Before that though you will have to work a bit
harder for them. Non-repeated quests, item and location discoveries,
heroic named mob kills, and gaining an adventure level are all some of
the ways that you will gain achievement experience. As a soloer,
questing is your best course of earning the APs. For groupers, hitting
those named mobs as often as possible, anytime you go dungeon crawling,
will help you earn them faster.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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