Inquisitor Guide? Inquire

Playing a healer is never easy, but having a guide to help answer your
questions and give you some great advice makes it so much
easier. Whether you are deciding if you'd like to play an
Inquisitor, or are already knee deep in evil cleric goodness, this
guide has a little bit of something for every level of play. 
Our EverQuest 2 Inquisitor Guide offers tips, tricks, complete spells
list, achievement options, and much more!

Clerics in general are the faithful followers of a
given belief. Holy
healers granted powers by their chosen God. EverQuest II has two types
of clerics, the Templars who represent all that is good in Norrath, and
the Inquisitors who embody all that is evil. Both are amazing healers,
but only Inquisitors may play in the evil cities of Freeport and Neriak.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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