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The EverQuest II Thuuga Quest Line is an amazing quest series with an
amazing reward, but it is tough and elusive if you don't know where to
get it and what to do.  Let us show you the way with our
complete walk through for each quest in the series. Start with
the originating quest "A Fistful of Metal" and work your way to your
epic reward. We also include screenshots of the reward just so
you know what you are working towards.

It isn't often in EverQuest II that a fairly easy to
do quest line
gives the reward of a stellar Fabled piece of gear, so obviously when
this does happen, everyone wants in on it.

This quest line starts a bit out of the way, so it really isn't one of
those that the everyday player would stumble upon. It is well worth
doing, even if obtaining Fabled gear isn't primary goal of yours, it's
still a fun and interesting quest line to do!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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