Missions are the best way for a new player to familiarize themselves with EVE Online's inner workings but even Level 1 missions are not without risk. Save yourself the heartache of losing another ship to those nasty pirates and check out our Level 1 Mission Guides next time you are about to head out into the dangerous black. My painful experiences are your helpful guide through an unforgiving universe!

Upon landing in the battle area, avoid the slaver ship by staying at least 30km+ away (set your distance by right clicking on the ship) from it until you are ready to fight it. The smaller ships will come for you and you can pick them off as they get in range. Once the little guys are dealt with, you want to quickly get close to the slaver ship. It has a bad close combat range which you can easily exploit by staying within 2000m. It will be a long fight but eventually you'll succeed.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016