This holiday season, consider investing in these five hot commodities. Even better, consider moving them to an outlier system at the edge of high-security space, or to a station in null-security space. Alternatively, you can try to buy these items at a reduced price (perhaps via buy contracts), and then resell them at the going rate for a tidy profit.

Each of these items is in high demand amongst the dwellers in null-security space, and can be sold at high markups despite their small size and ease of portability. Importing them from high-security space will make a constant easy profit, in addition to whatever else you have going on.

1. Sisters Core Probe Launcher

These tend to cost around 45mil ISK each, because they offer a 5% bonus to scan probe strength. Since they are a core probe launcher, they are only usable for exploration-related activities (as opposed to expanded probe launchers, that can be used to find ships). Exploration remains one of the most lucrative professions in EVE Online, and is also regarded as being a bit more safe, even in lawless space.

When used in tandem with great skills, exploration-related implants, the bonuses to probing afforded by using a covert ops ship, and sisters core scanner probes, the 5% bonus from sisters launchers is the finishing touch on an amazing exploration setup. All together, these afford a gestalt bonus that makes probing down exploration sites much, much easier. Because of this, they are much in demand. Even in relatively friendly space, there can be a great deal of competition to find exploration sites before others do, to run them first.

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These are only obtained from the Sisters Of EVE loyalty point store. Because the Sisters are not one of the most popular groups to run missions for there is not always an abundance of them in Jita, though the price tends to hover around 45mil ISK.

2. Zor's Custom Navigation Hyper-Link

This pirate implant is obtained only from very specific missions that contain the mysterious NPC named Zor. It is one of the more heavily used PvP implants because it grants a +5% bonus to the speed boost afforded by microwarpdrives and afterburners. This is particularly useful because it is the only implant that fits into the eighth implant that imparts a speed bonus. Consequently, many PvP pilots use these. Especially if they fly Vagabonds or Zealots. For any ship where speed is life, these implants are must-haves.

Because this is considered to be a faction implant, it is not found on the market. Rather, it can only be purchased via the contracts system. It usually retails for around 15mil ISK.

3. Dread Guristas ECM Multispectral Jammer

Falcon and Rook pilots everywhere are used to frustrating PvP aspirations and effortlessly piggybacking on killmails . But what about the heartbreaking choice of ECM flavor? Specializing ECM modules in jamming a particular race can mean trading away a lot of utility, but using the generic multispectral jammers means significantly reducing your overall chance of jamming. The solution to this mess? Faction ECM modules.

Obtained from faction NPC wrecks, the Dread Guristas multispectral option retails in Jita for around 12-14mil ISK, and has a bit more oomph than its tech two cousin. This makes it a great option for the Caldari recon ships, because their bonuses to ECM make the generic ECM much more viable. They are especially handy for rooks, because that ship often ends up fitting less than a full rack of ECM, and cannot afford to get stuck in a fight with with the wrong type of ECM. Like all faction modules, it is available via contracts rather than the market.

4. Fury Heavy Missiles

As mentioned in some of our other Ten Ton Hammer articles, the Fury versions of each heavy missile are in constant, high demand. All throughout null-security space, drake and tengu pilots are running cosmic anomalies, going through stacks and stacks of this ammo. A cargo hold full of these will sell out, sooner rather than later.

These missiles come in four flavors. Each inflicts a different type of damage, and which missile will sell best depends on the local NPC type. The missile types and the NPCs they are used against are as follows:

  • Havoc - Explosive damage, used against the Angel Cartel.
  • Scourge - Kinetic damage, used against Guristas.
  • Thunderbolt - EM damage, used against Blood Raiders, Sansha, and Rogue Drones.
  • Widowmaker - Thermal damage, used against Serpentis.

Pick the type of missile that will be most used against the NPCs of your neck of the woods, import or invent them, and watch them fly off the shelves.

5. Codebreaker II

Codebreaker modules are used primarily in RADAR exploration sites, in order to hack containers full of datacores and other goods. It also sees some use in sleeper sites in wormhole space, and in various COSMOS missions. It is about to become a lot more important in the final part of the Incursion expansion that will be released this January.

Once the Sansha are actually taking over constellations, players will need to take out the smaller incursion sites before trying to deal with the Sansha supercarrier. In the battle with that supercarrier, there will be hackable objects that will likely end up reducing the rate that Sansha backup arrives, or perhaps it will reduce the rate that the Sansha supercarrier's shields regenerate. We don't know for sure, just yet.

In any case, hacking is about to be a much bigger deal, and the infrequently used tech two version of the codebreaker module is going to be highly in demand.

Codebreaker II modules cost about 950k ISK in Jita. Keep in mind that they will likely not be in unusually high demand until there are problems with the Sansha in that region and people realize that better hacking will get the job done sooner, and wait until January.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016