Free trials in the works?

by Changul

With all of the controversy surrounding the
previous abuse of buddy keys, (ie. gold farmers using them), Vanguard
re-addresses the possibility using them sometime in the future. Now
that many of the bugs and problems from launch have been fixed, the
gaming community may have a chance, or even a second chance to check
out  Vanguard on a trial basis. A buddy key is, basically, a free
trial of the game in question, with limited access to the full content
of the game. A teaser, if you will.

James "Elrar" Nichols commented on this at  target="_blank"

I can't commit or say anything
official or based
on a time line - but we do know many want to try Vanguard for free and
share it with their friends.

We're working to improve the game first, however, and make it even
better for more people and for those that left due to performance or
other bugs and are looking to come back.

We are aware of the abuse issues surrounding previous buddy keys
and should a new program be started you should expect more restrictive
access to the game and its features.

Thanks all

Current subscribers have called Vanguard
a "beta game" due to its rocky start, but aren't most games subject to
bugs and other issues in the beginning? From my own experience with
Star Wars Galaxies, I can safely agree that a newly launched game is
born with major problems that are addressed as soon as possible by the
Dev team. Getting in at the ground level is often a positive experience
for the gamer, giving them the inside scoop early on. Sure, the game
can and will change over time, but the hardy gamer is usually inured to
this and adjusts accordingly.

However, there are some who simply do not wish to "beta test" a game.
Beta testing is where users are permitted, ( under Non-disclosure
terms), to test the new game and offer feedback, suggestions, and
submit bugs. Basically, in exchange for "working" for the game, they
get a free sneak preview. Now that the game is in full swing, many who
were turned off by the prospect of struggling through the birthing
process may get an opportunity to enjoy a far more polished game, on a trial basis.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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