Do Fans Even Know What They Want?

In last week's Friday Editorial (FriEd), Shayalyn talked about how Turbine, developers of Dungeons & Dragons Online, might have failed to listen to the voices of their most devoted fans. This week she poses the question: do fans really know what makes a game compelling in the first place?

The reason it appears most gamers don’t have a clue what they want is because, as I said last week, there are two types of fans who express themselves when it comes to games in development; I'll call them the Vocal Majority, and the Thoughtful Minority. Unfortunately, the Vocal (and largely clueless) Majority, by their nature, manages to complain the loudest.

Read Whaddaya Want? - Fan Involvement in Game Development, Take 2 and see if you agree.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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