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The clues are coming together, and your path to Eloh Vale is beginning to reveal itself. Now, it's time to put on your game face! The Temple of the Raging Patriarch doesn't need a fluffy Treeback-hugger, only real soldiers need apply. The Forean Rangers don't believe a human can be a real warrior, so it's time to show these Forean Rangers what we're made of. This time, however, you better bring your bug spray…

Proving Justice

This mission requires completion of Proven Conservation, which begins with Ranger Urialia at Viands Village. Guarding the Temple of the Raging Patriarch is Warden Lagori, at -438,186,42.

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Lost Forean Camp

The Rangers have lost many of their own defending their world, and request your help retrieving the champions Logos Artifacts. Travel to Hightower Outpost and meet Ranger Kogari at -64, 153, 42. Just for showing up, he rewards you with 1900 credits, and choice of 2 Med Packs or EMP Grenade.

Searching For Acceptance

You just completed Proving Justice with Ranger Kogari at Hightower Outpost. He needs your help, but he doesn't want to waste his time with just anybody. If you can prove you can handle yourself against the local warnets, he'll accept your help. You've got just a few minutes to kill several warnets. Watch that timer in your mission log! There are plenty of warnets down the side of the hill northeast from Kogari. Fill your quota and return to Kogari before the timer runs out, and you'll earn his respect; along with 2850 credits, and choice of Leech Gun, Chaingun or RPG Launcher.

An Unexpected Test

Completing Searching for Acceptance impressed Ranger Kogari, but he's still not sure if he wants a human in his ranks. Some Junior Forean Rangers left their homes to make a name for themselves killing Bane, but have gotten themselves pinned down. Show Kogari that you deserve to be here by rescuing them. Head south and cross the fallen-tree bridge, and find the Foreans at 39,113,-22. You're looking for their leader, Soanji. If you don't find them at this spot, wait for them to return from fighting, or to respawn. Soanji won't leave until he can find his brother, who was chased off toward the waterfall. Jump in the river and walk through the waterfall (have you ever seen the back of a waterfall?) to a cave entrance at -50,110,-10. Kill your way through the cave bugs to Sohrani at -78,78,-64. He admits to you that he is a coward, and doesn't wish to return to his family in dishonor. Retrace your steps out of the cave and present Sohrani's honor band to Soanji (again, waiting for a respawn if he isn't there). You can choose to either tell Soanji that his brother died with honor in battle, or that he chickened out and is hiding in the cave. Either way, he appreciates the help, and rewards you with 2850 credits.

An Unexpected Test – Part II

Now that Soanji knows what became of his brother, he's ready to take his squad back to the safety of the Walk of Giants. You'll lead the team West from their holding spot of 38,113,-27 to the Temple of the Raging Patriarch at -436,186, 42. Don't cheat and take the transporter! You can normally make the trip by running right through the mobs; no need to stop and kill. Once you arrive at the Temple, your mission will update and you can take the waypoint back to Hightower Outpost. Ranger Kogari now believes even a human can be a great warrior. You'll receive 3800 credits, and choice of Chaingun, RPG Launcher or Pistol.

Finding Acceptance

After escorting the young Foreans in An Unexpected Test – Part II, Ranger Kogari is ready with more work for you. A group of Forean warriors is missing, after being sent to exterminate the source of the nearby Fithik infestation. Travel southeast to the other side of the Fithik Trench. Plenty of fithik will swarm, but your trusty laser shotgun should make quick work of them. You'll find the remains of a campsite at 327,98,-102. Pick up the targetable backpack, and return to Ranger Kogari. You receive 3000 credits, and choice of Injector Gun, Net Gun or Pistol.

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Devil's Den Entrance

Palisades Discover Their Fate

The backpack you returned to Ranger Kogari in Finding Acceptance contained a journal. Upon reading it, he discovers that the group was headed to Devil's Den to fight the fithiks. Ranger Kogari send you down the Fithik Trench to the entrance of Devil's Den. The trench is teeming with unfriendly creatures. Following along the top right hand wall will help you avoid a lot of attention. Right at the entrance to the caves are bodies at 169,76,-534. Find the targetable body, and retrieve Iraron's Honor Guard Band. Returning the band to Ranger Kogari at Hightower will net you 3000 credits, and choice of Healing Disc, Cipher Tool or Repair Tool.

Proven Justice

Completing Palisades Discover Their Fate has proven yourself to Ranger Kogari, beyond any doubt. He hopes you will remain with the Foreans and join them in victory! He hands you a Logos Artifact to deliver to the Temple. Return to Warden Lagori at -443,186,41, and receive your reward of 1900 credits, and choice of Med Pack, Grenade or EMP Bomb. Congratulations! You have earned your way into the Temple of the Raging Patriarch.

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