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Ever since World of Warcraft first launched, people have been asking for ways to further keep on customizing their characters. Maybe a few choices you made when you first created your character you wish you could change now, such as your character's hair (or lack thereof), or perhaps his beard and moustache.

Well, as an answer to players, the Barber Shop has been implemented as of Patch 3.0.2 - these shops are in most of the major cities in the world and will, for a small fee, let you change your hairstyle, hair color, and facial hair, features, and so forth!

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Barber Shop Locations

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The friendly Goblin will redirect you to one of her chairs, shown in the background

The Barber Shops are available in many of the major cities. Each will charge you the same amount and have the same variety of hairstyles to choose from, so visit the nearest one and get your new look whenever you want!

Alliance Barber Shops

  • Ironforge: The Commons. Near the Tunnel to the Great Forge
  • Stormwind: Trade District. Near the Western Exit.

Horde Barber Shops

  • Orgrimmar: Cleft of Shadows. Just down the ramp from the Rogue trainers and to your right
  • Undercity: In a small room near the Eastern elevator

Neutral Barber Shops

  • Dalaran: Magus Commerce Exchange. Near the Sunreaver's Sanctuary
  • Area 52: Netherstorm.
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Barbershop Achievement Unlocked after the first Haircut!

How to get a Haircut

After stepping into the Barber Shop, you will notice a Goblin will be standing in the very middle of it, along with several chairs ready for you all around the room.

Contrary to what many would expect, talking to the Goblin will not let you have your haircut. Instead, you will need to walk over to one of the nearby chairs and right-click it to sit down and use the feature.

Once you have sat down, you will be shown a menu with 3 options, below are the ones given for Blood Elves:

Hair Style

Here, you will be able to select from hair styles available to your race - you will be given options ranging from the ones you saw at the character creation screen, to a few new ones added with the Barber Shops. There is a possibility more will keep on being added in future patches.

Hair Color

You will be able to change the color of your hair here to all those other colors you were offered during your character's creation.

Facial Hair / Features

In this final option, you will be able to change your facial hair as you see fit.

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Voila! a completely new look!

Depending on your Race, you will have different options available, for example, Tauren get to change their Horn styles and Horn colors, as well as their Facial hair, but nothing else - Undead get to pick new face styles, Draenei get to customize their horns, and so forth.

What's interesting is the fact each modification you make has a new name, so every hairstyle has its own name, as does every single facial change or modification you make, some are really creative! The name is displayed up top, where the comb and scissors are.

Once you have changed your character's looks to your liking, you will see an additional amount of gold quoted below the options; this is the amount you will pay in order to get your desired changes. The more options you change, the more it will cost.

Cost Scaling

Since it'd be unfair for low-level people to be excluded from this type of content, Blizzard has scaled the amount of money required to change hairstyles and features to the character's level, so while a level 70+ character may pay anywhere from 8 to 15 gold for some haircuts, the low level players will see this same price but in silver.

It's all proportional, so if you want your haircut, you can go anytime and chances are you will be able to afford one! Not to mention, the first time you get a haircut, you will get the Haircut Achievement, worth 10 points!

Closing Comments

The Barber Shop is the first of the looks-changing features we get in World of Warcraft. While Blizzard has recently stated that they plan to introduce more ways to personalize your character, from Patch 3.0.2 on, you will be able to access many new features to have your character looking just right, hair-wise!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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