This build is designed for Conquest Structured Player versus Player


Although you’ll rarely see a Celestial Rifle Engineer in high level tournament play (the current Meta involves Pistol and Shield) that doesn’t mean the Celestial Rifle Engineer is a poor setup. It has a good amount of Power and Condition damage, relatively good sustain and mobility as well as a fair amount of Crowd Control.

Weapon Sets and Skills

Skill Variants

  • Instead of Elixir S you can use Elixir Gun as this provides a Blast finisher, some condition cleansing and healing.


Trait Variants


Runes and Amulet

Rune Variants

Play and Usage

The Rifle Engineer similarly to a D/D Elementalist relies heavily on Might stacking. They do this by gaining Might every time they swap from a Kit to their Rifle. Your primary purpose is to burst single targets down, control fights from a distance with your Grenade Kit and use Tool Kit in order to survive for lengthy periods.

  • Rifle: Primarily used for Overcharged Shot and Net Shot, the Rifle is about allowing you to incapacitate an opponent or to knock them off a point. Combined with Jump Shot to Blast your fields.
  • Tool Kit: The Kit is largely for defensive purposes. Box Of Nails has an awful Bleed but its Cripple is strong. Pry Bar and Magnet Pull are a brilliant pair of skills because of the synergy they provide. Magnet Pull brings players towards you while knocking them down and if you quickly use Pry Bar, you’ll hit them for 5 stacks of Confusion. What also makes Magnet Pull so brilliant is the fact it’s incredibly useful of maps such as Sky Hammer or Temple of the Silent Storm where you can pull players off of the map or down onto a lower level. The fact it’s unblockable makes it very powerful. Lastly, Gear Shield is your total immunity from damage skill.
  • Grenade Kit: As you might expect, the Grenade Kit excels at range. Use Frost Grenade to slow players fighting on points as well as Poison Grenade to reduce their healing potential. If you’re up high (such as the roof of Temple of the Silent Storm or the Keep on Niflhel) you should use all your skills on the point as often as possible as the damage output is huge.
  • Splash Healing: There’s quite a few ways to maximise your healing capabilities as an Engineer. Whenever there’s a Water field you should attempt to use a Blast finisher. Your Blast finishers are Jump Shot (Rifle), Acid Bomb (Elixir Gun) and Supply Crate (Elite). If you take Elixir Gun over Elixir S you’ll also have a Stun Break on your Toolbelt.

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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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