This build is designed for Conquest Structured Player versus Player


The Pistol-Double Kit Engineer is one of the most popular classes in Guild Wars 2’s Structured PvP. Its ability to deal conditions rapidly allows for massive amounts of damage while its splash heals and multiple Kits make it flexible and hard to kill. Like any Engineer build, it has a high skill ceiling.

Weapon Sets and Skills

Skill Variants

  • Instead of Elixir S you can swap it for Elixir R (self revive) or Slick Shoes (a Stun Break and Crowd Control skill)


Trait Variants

  • It’s possible to remove 2 points from Alchemy and place them into Firearms. This allows you to access Hair Trigger for reduced Pistol cooldowns.
  • You should note that if you do remove 2 points from Alchemy you will need to decided on whether to take Backpack Regenerator or Protection Injection as you cannot have both.


Sigil Variants

There’s some flexibility here when it comes to Sigils but the main one you should be swapping out is Sigil of Doom. If you like more Bleeding pressure, add in Superior Sigil of Earth. If you like more evasion, use Superior Sigil of Energy.


Rune Variants

Play and Usage

The main playstyle of a Condition based Engineer is to deal as many conditions as possible in a short period of time. It’s relatively easy to do as you rattle through your skills and kits, dropping your Bombs and unloading your Pistol. The difficulty comes in managing all the skills across your 3 weapon sets and when best to use certain defensive skills.

  • Pistol: The Pistol is your primary weapon and is brilliant for stacking Bleeds, Confusion and Poison. In addition, combined with the Shield you’re also able to block all projectiles, Blast combo fields and stun opponents. You should be spending large amounts of your playtime with this weapon set equipped once your skills on other kits are on cooldown.
  • Tool Kit: The Kit is largely for defensive purposes. Box Of Nails has an awful Bleed but its Cripple is strong. Pry Bar and Magnet Pull are a brilliant pair of skills because of the synergy they provide. Magnet Pull brings players towards you while knocking them down and if you quickly use Pry Bar, you’ll hit them for 5 stacks of Confusion. What also makes Magnet Pull so brilliant is the fact it’s incredibly useful of maps such as Sky Hammer or Temple of the Silent Storm where you can pull players off of the map or down onto a lower level. The fact it’s unblockable makes it very powerful. Lastly, Gear Shield is your total immunity from damage skill.
  • Bomb Kit: Primarily used on a Control Point, the Bomb Kit allows you to quickly deal Burning, Blindness and Confusion conditions. Best of all it’s Tool Belt skill, Big Ol’ Bomb is a Blast finisher and a powerful knockback. You should try to position this in the middle of the point, preferably after using Fire Bomb for Might stacking.
  • Splash Healing and Might Stacking: As a Celestial Engineer you still rely heavily on Might stacking. Equipping back and forth between Kits will boost your might and using Blast Finishers from your Shield, Supply Crate or Big Ol’ Bomb. As far as splash healing is concerned, you should use the same skills with the exception that your Healing Turret when activated allows for a Splash heal, especially when also combined with Regenerating Mist.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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