Elite specializations are one of the main components of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns but they aren't instantly obtainable. Even if you are level 80 and have World Completion, you won't be able to gain full access to your professions elite specialization. Here's a short guide on how to best go about it. 

Hero Points

During the leveling process (from 1 to 80) and through World Completion, there are a total of 398 Hero Points available. To gain access to your elite specialization, you first need to unlock all core skills and traits by accessing your training tab: you press H and select Training. 

Fully unlocking all skills for a profession costs 98 points, and fully unlocking a core specialization costs 60 points (this includes traits). It should be noted that the cost of individual skills does vary. Finally, to 

Unlocking Your Elite Specialization 

If you've leveled your character to 80 and completed World Completion, you'll only have enough Hero Ranks available to unlock around 95% of your elite specialization (simply press the "Train" button). The result of this is that you won't gain access to all its traits or skills. To obtain additional Hero Points, you'll have to go to The Maguuma Jungle and its first map, Verdant Brink. 

Inside Verdant Brink (and all other Maguuma Jungle maps) there are Hero Points that you can interact with or complete their event. Doing so grants 10 Hero Points each, instead of the typical 1. With you needing a total of 250 Hero Points to fully unlock the elite specialization. In reality, you'll have to complete only a couple of the maps if you don't have World Completion. If you do, just grab the first few Hero Points you come across (take a look at our location guides to help!).

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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