This build is designed for Conquest Structured Player versus Player


My main class in Guild Wars 2 is a Ranger and although I use a Longbow and Greatsword in PvE, I also tend to gravitate towards Condition/Survival in Team Arena. It’s very hardy, has loads of condition removal and deals lots of conditions in a very short space of time. The only thing the build is lacking is mobility: you have no swiftness and no leaps.

Weapon Sets and Skills

Weapon Variants

Off-hand Dagger over Torch for evasion, a long range cripple and a long duration Bleed.

Skill Variants



Trait Variants


Sigil Variants

  • None

Runes and Amulet

Rune Variants

  • None

Play and Usage

Due to the survivability of this build but the lack of mobility, it's not particularly great at roaming. Instead it's brilliant for moving only between close and mid, or mid and far. Making a full round trip from far to close will take considerable time and it's just not efficient. In addition to this you should be using your survivability to decap when you can and hold points for as long as possible. You've a huge amount of condition removal and some evasion, allowing you to stay alive for long periods of time. 

Condition Spike

Although a great deal of your damage output relies on Bleeding, you also have access to Torment, Poison, Cripple and Chill. When you unleash all of these on a player before Fearing them you'll deal enormous damage that they can do very little about. The best thing to do is to start with your Shortbow and ensure you hit your target from its back or sides so that you stack Bleeding. You should the use Poison Volley before you think they'll heal or better yet, interrupt them with Concussion Shot. Be sure that before you swap to Axe/Torch you use Crippling Shot and are close to your opponent. When you switch weapons you'll trigger the Geomancy Sigil which causes additional Bleeding. Once you have swapped weapons, use Muddy Terrain to hold your opponent in place before using Entangle > Splitblade > Throw Torch > Winters Bite > Wolf Fear. You should now switch to your Spider and active its Immobilize skill before swapping back to your Shortbow and repeating the process. If neccesary you can plant Bonfire on a person held in the vines for maximum burning or plant Bonfire infront of you so that when you do fire your Shortbow it'll cause burning as the arrows pass through. 


Your pets are incredibly important. You should be using your Wolf to trigger its pounce to knock opponents down and trigger your Spider to immobilize them. Your pets will use these skills as their first attack when they’re called into combat. Use your Wolf’s Fear when you’re down or to stop other players stomping. You can use the Fear to keep players away from you so you can gain distance. Lastly, use your Spider’s Immobilize skill when you have your bow equipped. It takes a few seconds to activate so you should prime it.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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