There are many guides on the Internet that publish the fact that they can earn you 200 gold an hour. Why at 200 gold an hour you could easily get your epic flying mount within a week! At five hours a day you could earn 1,000 gold a day and within 5 days you’d have 5,000 gold. Of course these guides have a little setback. They require you to expend a little of your real life cash to find out the true “secrets” of gaining gold in World of Warcraft. Here at Ten Ton Hammer we’ll give you these “secrets” without having you open your wallet.

There is no quick way to gain gold in WoW. Even the guides that tell you that you can make 200 gold an hour will basically tell you it’s more along the lines of 50. At 50 gold an hour you can make 500 gold in 10 hours. That’s an awful lot of work. So instead we’ll teach you how to make 200 gold a day within an hour or two. That’ll keep you from not only getting bored but also keep you with a steady supply of cash.

The key to making gold fast is of course daily quests.

Daily Quests

You can do 25 daily quests each day. Once a quest is complete you can’t do it again until the next day. Each quest gives you roughly 9 – 11 gold with some giving upwards to 23 gold. With the addition of the Isle of Quel’Danas (click here for our guide) you can complete all of the quests there within an hour and earn about 120-140 gold along with drops, ores, and herbs (see gathering below). If that doesn’t quench your thirst for money you can then spend another hour in Outland doing even more daily quests for another 50-150 gold. Personally I’d advise doing all of the quests on the Isle of Quel’Danas and using the quest reward to teleport to Shattrath. Go then to the Throne of Kil’Jaeden and run two more daily quests for another 20 gold (putting you at about 160 gold plus an item to sell). Afterwards there is a ton of options available.

If you’re looking to get a Netherdrake and already have spent the 5,000 gold to obtain the riding lesson you can do a few Netherdrake quests to gain some gold and reputation. The Sha’tari Skyguard and Ogril’la have a few easy dailies that also give a decent amount of coin. Then there is fishing and cooking dailies if you’ve got those tradeskills and the materials beforehand farmed up. Then there is the heroic daily that’ll grant you over 20 gold for running a heroic instance. The PvP daily is a no-brainer that gives about 10 gold and honor!

So if you run all of the Isle of Quel’Danas quests (1hr, 140 gold), do the Kil’Jaeden quests (20min, 30 gold), hit up the PvP daily (20 minutes, 10 gold), and then do two more dailies from somewhere else (20min, 20 gold) then you’ll be done for the day with 210 gold after 2 hours. That's not including items that may drop or some of the quest rewards! As if that wasn't sweet enough the best thing is that you'll be able to break these quests up into smaller chunks throughout your day. You don't even have to spend it all in one session. As casual or hardcore as you want to take it. Speaking of gathering.


Gathering is a great way to make cash while you’re doing other things. Metal ores sell for tons to be prospected by Jewelcrafters. Herbs are needed for flasks which raiders down like antacids after a trip to a local Mexican restaurant. Leather is easy to get and can be sold for a fair amount as well.

With an epic flying mount you can easily fly nearly everywhere patrolling for resource nodes (for herbalism/mining). With a regular flying mount you can fly through areas with a lot of hills/obstacles looking for resource nodes as well. Don’t turn ore into bars! Check the price of 1 bar vs. 2 ores and see which one sells for the most on the Auction House.

The key to gathering is to gain the cash while doing something else. Gathering can really pay off if you’re farming for a steady while. If you really need to farm items and don’t mind spending an hour for about 50 gold then there is a few options you have.

Reputation Items

So you’ve spent 2 hours doing daily quests and you’re finished. However you want more gold? One of the many items that you can farm outright is reputation items. I personally think reputation items are one of the better items to farm outright (along with motes) because you can check the auction house and see how much they’re selling for and pick a group that is selling for the highest. I will warn you ahead of time that going past the daily quests you begin losing efficiency. Money becomes harder to get and grinding away will make you 50-100 gold an hour if you’re really efficient at farming.

Let’s start with the most popular: The Aldor need Marks of Kil’jaeden, Marks of Sargeras, and Fel Armaments. Marks of Kil’jaeden are the lower level items. These drop off of various members of the Burning Legion. Good places to farm them are from Terrorguards/Kil’sorrow Ritualists inside of Osh’Gun and the northern part of the Bone Wasts has lots of Cabel Abjurists, Spell-Weavers, etc. that will drop the marks as well.

Marks of Sargeras are form higher level enemies. Legion Hold and The Death Forge is a prime farming spot in Shadowmoon Valley. Fel Armaments are random drops from the same enemies which sell for a lot more than the individual marks. You’ll get a ton of cloth too while farming most of the enemies.

The Scryer need Firewing Signets, Sunfury Signets, and Arcane Tomes. Firewing Signets are from Firewing Point which is low enough level to easily be farmed by a level 70. Sunfury Signets are off of highlevel enemy Blood Elves which are entrenched heavily into Netherstorm. Just farm the various mana forges which will get tons of the signets.

With the Isle of Quel’Danas both the demons and Blood Elves drop their respective reputation items. That means that you can easily farm tons of items up while doing daily quests. Double the cash!

Sporeggar requires Glowcaps which spawn between Sporeggar and Zabra’Jin, Fertile Spores which drop from various enemies, Bog Lord Tendrils and Mature Spore Sacs which also drop from other enemies. Cenario Expedition rep can be increased with Unidentified Plan Parts which drop pretty well in Umbrafen Lake.

Lower City rep is pretty important and so are Arakkoa Feathers which will increase your rep. Veil Skith and Veil Reskk are great places to get them.The Consortium will take Oshu’gun Crystal Fragments which are outside Oshu’gun (just loot em) and Pairs of Ivory Tusks.

All of these items sell for a good bit on the auction house and can be farmed while looking for resource nodes. You should check in advance to see which ones sell for the most.

Other ways to grind out cash is to farm cloth which sells for very little. You can also do quests you never did at level 70 but these can only be done once. There are also a few other ways to just grind out regular cash but most are very slow and not worth the time.

In summary the best way to make money in the game is daily quests. Do your dailies each day and within a month you’ll have 5,000G. Between lucky drops and other activities in the game you may find yourself having it within a few weeks. If you have multiple level 70s then you can run dailies with each one. If you spend a few hours each day doing daily quests you’ll find yourself in a position of riches and rewards within no time.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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