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Welcome to Ten Ton Hammer’s Leveling Guide. This is the instruction manual for the guide to sort of give a primer over how to use it, understanding how things work, and what to do if you’re at a level other than 0, 20, 60, or 70. Right now this is caliberated for our Northrend Leveling Guides, but the advice and suggestions contained within are good for most players and most of our leveling guides.

Understanding What a Leveling Guide is For

Leveling guides are to assist with leveling up. Questing can be a confusing process and without help it can sometimes lead to frustration. A leveling guide exists to help you by telling you what order to do quests in that make the most sense (to avoid too many “town runs”), how to do quests, and warning you which quests you should skip.

There are a lot of quests in World of Warcraft and not all of them must be completed to level up. Some people may find enjoyment in exploring, finding new quests, and figuring out how to complete them. Some find it equally as fun if they have help in telling them where to go. Some mix both behaviors only resorting to a guide if necessary. All of these playstyles are fine and perfectly fine. However, if you enjoy playing the game and exploring then this guide isn’t for you but luckily we do a spoiler free where to adventure guide to help point you to zones for your level and a light spoiler edition that explains things in more detail. If your goal is to get through the game with as much help as possible or with help in certain areas then our guide is just the thing for you.

So if you’re looking for a way to zoom through the game, catch up with your friends, or just get help finding quests then our leveling guides are for you.


Our guides are very simple to follow and for the most part self-explanatory. As the guides advance in the levels their “newbie friendliness” drops in order to move along through things fast, but if you have some experience in the game then it shouldn’t be a problem. A lot of terms are used that may be confusing and there is always a heavy references to “coordinates” which will be explained below.

First things first, terms that you might see:

  • DPS: Stands for “Damage Per Second” but more often than not you’ll see it used to mean that you should focus on damage and nothing else. So if the guide tells you to “DPS the murloc king down as fast as possible” then you’d just read it as “attack the murloc king and take him down as fast as possible.” It’s popular shorthand for WoW players.
  • Coordinates: Coordinates are used to express locations within WoW. They are not naturally part of the game, so you’ll need an addon to show them to you. Read the section below on recommended addons for more information.
  • Hearthstone, Binding your Home: Anytime the guide is suggesting that you “bind” or use your heartstone or set an inn to your home then it’s saying to speak with a local innkeeper and utilize their home setting service. This allows you to quickly teleport to a location. Up until you get to Dalaran (from level 1 and up) it’s generally a good idea to set it to Shattrath. If it’s set to Shattrath then you can ignore instructions on changing it.
  • Elite & Group Quests: These are quests that you can sometimes solo but sometimes may need friends to do. If they’re worth it then the guide will point out that you should do it. If they’re not then the guide will tell you to skip them. Some may be solo’d by everyone, a few classes, or need a group to do. If possible, get a high level friend to help with them.
  • Grinding: The act of killing enemies over and over to gain XP. Grinding is a great way to finish off a level if you’re close or a way to gain extra experience. To “grind” a certain type of enemy usually means to kill them over and over (and often in the context of getting a drop).

Addons & Coordinates

As mentioned above, coordinates help you find something in the game. You’re given two numbers usually with a comma, like 44,23. Using certain addons you can display the coordinates in a varity of ways. The most popular is on the map and many addons will add them to your map even if they are not a coordinate addon like TomTom. I suggest using Cartographer which will make your map a little bit better (openable as a window instead of full screen) and will display the coordinates in an easy to read manner.

Here are a list of mods that are guide writers use:

  • TomTom: TomTom is a mod that will show coordinates on your map (if you use another mod that does then type /tomtom and open the settings to turn it off) and in your playing field. It will also allow you to create beacons to point you to a coordinate which can be nifty in finding things that aren’t so obvious.
  • Cartographer: A mod that will make your map into a window instead of fullscreen, supply coordinates, and improve on the default map U.I. One of the best mods to have.

When given a coordinate simply locate it on the map (many mods allow you to search with your mouse) and then head to that location. Often a description of the area will be given in case you can’t find it.

Turning in Quests

A lot of times we are tempted to turn in quests as soon as we’re done with them but we shouldn’t. The guides will tell you when it’s the best time to turn in a quest. If you follow this advice then you’ll be set but if you return to town to turn in every quest things will get REALLY confusing really fast and you’ll be spending more time walking then advancing. So wait until the guide tells you to turn in until you do.

Supplies & Town

Often times you’ll see a comment about stopping in a town to resupply. For supplies you should always make sure you have plenty of food (even if you can heal) and water if you use mana. Reagents at higher levels should be restocked as much as possible. Avoid going to major cities to restock unless a quest brings you there or you need to get skills. Traveling to a major city can often takes forever and more.

Starting the Guide at an Odd Level

Did you just find our guide and you want to hop in but don’t know where to begin? Well look in your quest log and search around for a quest you’ve already got. If you find it then start there. It’ll take some time to be able to fully follow the guide but after a little bit you should be step by step with the guide.

If you skip some steps or move around don’t worry. Just find your place again. If it says do multiple quests at once and you only have a few then skip the steps for the other quests. Simple!

Well what are you waiting for? Still reading instructions? Head on over to a guide!

To read the latest guides, news, and features you can visit our World of Warcraft Game Page.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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