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Ibis, Master of Hidden Secrets

- Mage -

I. Ibis, Master of Hidden

  • Find the Charm Seller

II. Finding Secret Knowledge

III. The Secrets of the Onyx Chamber

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The Grim Grey God

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Ibis, Master of Hidden

"My destiny is at hand. I shall foil Thoth-Amon's maniacal plan to resurrect the ancient wizard empire of Archeron.

Kalanthes has explained that I must speak to Cha in Kheshatta and buy one of his protective charms. It will be useful if I am to breach the defenses of the most powerful sorcerer on earth.

Ibis the god of knowledge is indeed a powerful ally.."

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Find the Charm Seller

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style="font-style: italic;">Cha will provide you with a charm needed to aid you in your quest.

It is now time for you to finally embrace your destiny, though Kalanthes warns that a direct attack on Thoth-Amon would likely prove foolish. If you're going to survive long enough to finally put an end to Thoth-Amon's plans of unleashing the Grim Grey God upon Hyboria, he believes that you'll require two things.

The first of these comes in the form of a protective charm. Luckily, Kalanthes knows of a charm seller in Kheshatta by the name of Cha, whom he urges you to speak to. Though you're doubtful that a mere trinket sold by a crazy junk seller is going to provide you much aid, you finally agree to speak to Cha who can be found within the city itself at coordinates: 760, 700.

Your conversation with Cha the Charm Seller is brief, yet he does seem to be aware of your destiny and the importance of your task. Though you seemingly can't stop glancing up at the numerous dead rabbits strung up behind him, Cha assures you that, “This charm strong. Protect you in the heart of darkness.” as he hands you the protective charm.

Quest Item


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