Tribute to Keith Parkinson


The Brush
of Angel Wings… by Lady Sirse

believe in angels. The heroic looking, massively winged, sword carrying
kind. I also believe in the adorably chubby cherubic ones that adorn holiday
cards and historic paintings. What about the ones who have no form, other
than a being of light? Yes, I believe in those as well. But I believe
in another kind of angel too.

the angel that smiles at you on a terrible day, or offers a hand when
you fall – literally and figuratively. It’s the angel that brightens
your day over the internet, or with a kind word of encouragement. These
are the angels who walk next to you, live across the road or any number
of places.


Parkinson was and is one of these human angels. His wings of inspiration
and brilliance have touched countless lives. From the family he loves,
to the friends he enjoys, to the colleagues he shared with and the fans
he met and only knew existed, his influence has been felt.


it was in a small way, a feather-light sweep of a pen. Other times the
influence was a broad stroke, life changing and treasured. These strokes
of life live on in his work, his words, and everyone around him.


Is it odd
for those that had never met the man to weep in shock and grief at the
news of his death? Perhaps, but many did. Is it odd for an entire genre
community to fall into a reverent silence? Perhaps, but it happened.

artists, role-players, gamers, readers, collectors, all stand and grieve.
The moment will pass. The tears will dry. But the art, the brush strokes
of life will remain.

Soon, the
hushed and pained voices will begin to lighten - first with painful memory
then with loving smiles and laughter. The memories will begin to lead
to humorous stories of him, then to fond confessions of how his words,
actions and art touched hearts and lives.

One day will
find us speaking as if he is still in the midst of loved ones and of the
community at large, and you know…it will be true. You see, I believe
in angels.

never die. Not really. They live on and on from life to life, generation
to generation, and perhaps world to world. Who knows what is in the hazy
mist of existence after life on earth. What I know is that Keith Parkinson
is and always will be alive in the hearts of those that have been touched
by him, today and in generations to come. We are lucky to have felt the
brush of his wings…

Picture and
artwork used with permission, Thank you Nick "Glip the Gnome"

has put together a visual tribute to Keith.

at Ten Ton Hammer offers it to the community with the permission and blessing
of his son Nick Parkinson, known as Glip the Gnome.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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