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The stuff of old war stories and nightmares, Angmar has a long
history of
evil and violent conquest. From here, the Witch King of Angmar, lord of
the Nazgul, waged war against the now-extinct Dunedain kingdoms of
Cardloan, Rhudaur and Arthedain, marching his armies of orcs and
hillmen and other evil beings south and laying waste to everything in
his path. Though defeated by Arnur in the Battle of Fornost, the
Witch King was not slain, and the capital city of Carn Dum, currently
overseen by the steward, Mordirith, is yet a source of great villainy
in Middle-Earth. It is a place where the mighty lieutenants of the
Witch King's personal army marshall their forces in preparation for the
brewing war.

Originally representing LotRO's endgame content, Angmar is a
huge, dense map. It's big enough to be two maps in one, divided by the
Rammas Deluon barrier running down the middle of the swamp. It is a
bleak and forbidding place, where even the open sky is gloomy and
frightening. Level-wise, it spans from high-30's in Ram Duath in the
south to 50+ in the north, with plenty to do for every level in
between. Angmar contains some of the biggest instanced spaces in the
game: Carn Dum, Urugarth and the Rift of Nurz Ghashu are all huge, with
smaller dungeons tucked away inside them. Being former endgame content,
these instances can still be tough for unprepared level 65 characters.
And while it's way easier now at 65 than it was way back when the level
was 50, the Rift raid still draws players for the challenge of running
a full and lengthy raid. 

Angmar bears particular importance to the epic questlines -
the original release was called "Shadows of Angmar," after all, and
many of the later Volume 1 books take place here. As a "leveling" zone,
however, a lot of the later areas are grindy and difficult, with dense
populations of elite mobs, which seriously slows things down between 45
and 50. That same level range is represented by Forochel and Eregion,
and both of those zones go by much quicker. Now that Angmar is no
longer endgame, it is starting to show its age, and some parts of this
guide will be like travelling in a way-back machine.

A detailed look at the different regions within Angmar,
points of interest, mob types and crafting resources available there.

HUBS: A breakdown of the towns and camps where quests are
initiated, including town services and important NPCs at each spot.

A guide to the many dungeons, caves and instanced areas of Angmar,
including Carn Dum, Urugarth and others,
with tips and tricks on running this content smoothly.

A chart of the deeds available in Angmar, including the
to go to complete them.

REPUTATION: A look at gaining standing with the Council of
the North - how to earn reputation and where to use it.

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| href="">QUEST
| href="">INSTANCES
| href="">DEEDS
| href="">REPUTATION

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016