A Good Rep Has its Rewards

Those who invest the time to earn a favorable
reputation with the Hobbits of the Mathom House can obtain a variety of
goods ranging from recipes to shiny bottles of Fireflies. Martuk's new
guide to the Mathom House will show you just what you can earn as a
favorable contributor of the Mathom Society, so grab your new prized
mailbag and make for the Mathom House.

The Mathom House reputation quest and hall can be
located in the
northern part of Michel Delving of the Shire. The Mathom Society prides
itself on the collection and preservation of Mathoms that can be found
throughout Middle-earth. Earning their favor can gain you access to the
Mathom House, where you can be gain access to some of the finest items
in all of the Shire.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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