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Life Rifts originate from the Plane of Life and are fueled by the power of Greenscale, one of the six ancient Dragon Gods. The Plane of Life is overrun with strange life of all sorts, whether it is in the form of bizarre plants, insects, and even stranger and more alien looking beasts. While you need to watch out for the insects and beasts because they can be deadly, you should be equally cautious of the ferocious and carnivorous flora and fauna. Worse yet are the Faerie folk that inhabit the Plane of Life that attempt to guide the forces of life to dominate anywhere they can breach into Telara.

When a Rift opens from the Plane of Life you will be able to tell due to a rushing in of life of all types into Telara. The area around the Rift will be rich with all of the innumerable forms of life that inhabit the Plane of Life as they try to establish a foothold. The area will be green and alive in an almost unbelievable way as plants, flowers, vines, roots, insects, lizards, and beasts all via for domination in the area. Leaves and vines will even be hanging from the very sky as the plane of Life explodes into the world.

Life Rift Locations

Life Rifts can be found predominantly in the zones that already have significant life and vegetation in them. This means you are most likely to find them in the zones of Silverwood, Scarwood Reach, Moonshade Highlands, and Stillmoor.

A life Rift opening

A Life Rift opening in the Moonshade Highlands


One of the various life creatures

There are innumerable different creatures that can be found around a Life Rift. The higher forms of intelligent life include the Faeries, Satyrs, and even the Boglings. At the less intelligent end of the scale you can find forest trolls.

In addition to the humanoids there are many forms of beasts including wolves, boars, and others. Next up come swarms of insects in the form of wasps, moths, and worse. Lastly, you can even find plant life that has reached a form of sentience in the form of treants and possibly shamblers, although they could be lizards, who knows with all that foliage on them.

Usable Spawned Objects

When fighting near a Life Rift you will occasionally see additional items spawn on the ground that can be clicked to activate. These are various items that appear in the ever growing area around a Life Rift. Pay attention for them as they provide powerful bonuses that you will not want to be without.

You will at times see different coloured crystals that can be clicked to grant buffs. The red grant attack power boosts, the blue restore mana, and the green restore health. There are also seed pods that will grow that grant temporary pets that will assist in the fight.


Earning Notoriety from Life Rifts

While defeating Life Rifts you will earn notoriety with either the Order of Life Serene if you are a Guardian or with the Students of the Vale if you are a Defiant player. Queb is the quartermaster for the Order of Life Serene and can be round in Sanctum, while Razeed Vithalis is the quartermaster for the Students of the Vale and can be found in Meridian.

Tanks should especially be aware of this faction and focus on earning notoriety them as they offer a planar essences that grant Toughness, a key tanking stat, for sale once you reach Decorated status with them.

Life Rift Zone Events

Each zone in which Life Rifts can break through has a unique set of events that can start that opens up even more Rifts to the Plane of Life. These encounters or events are different from zone to zone and are based on the zone's level of difficulty. This means that you should expect zone events for low level players in Silverwood, and mid-level players in Moonshade Highlands for example.

The culmination of each zone event is the defeat of a boss that will complete the event and earn you an achievement. The bosses and achievements are as follows, listed as the boss name and then the achievement you earn.

  • Silverwood – Inhibrius (Intoxicated), Gnarladon (Uprooted)
  • Scarwood Reach - Domovinius (Battle Scars), Lillian Dunst (Scourge of the Waste)
  • Moonshade Highlands - Gorodon (Gorodon Licked), Mogthunk (Matricide)
  • Stillmoor - Barkoth (Splintered Barkoth), Cekeste Bospin (What a World)
A life Rift Achievement

A Life Rift Achievement for defeating a Life Rift invasion boss.

Artifact Collections

There are three different sets of artifacts that drop from Life Rifts. They are as follows:

  • Exarch Invader Fae Artifacts
  • Fae Harbinger Artifacts
  • Arch Invader Fae Artifacts

[protip] Don't forget that most artifacts are not soulbound and can therefore be traded between your own characters, with friends, or even bought and sold on the auction house. This means that you can complete most sets easier, or make a lot of platinum by selling those hard to find rare (blue) artifacts.[/protip]


There are several achievements that can be earned from the Life Rifts that open throughout Telara. The major ones are as follows below, with many other minor achievements that need to be completed to earn the major ones.

  • Faebound Achiever - Complete the following four achievements
  • Faebound Champion - Close 75 Life Rifts
  • Faebound Collector - Complete all 3 Life artifact collections
  • Faebound Defense - Defeat 500 Life invasions
  • Faebound Rescue - Defeat 100 Life Footholds

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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