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By Lady Sirse

Chanting fills the air, as the walls of the dungeon seem to press in
against the group. Their foes battle fiercely until everything explodes
into a blinding flash of light. Group members turn their faces away from
the heat and the light, shielding their eyes. When the world seems to
swim back into view, there is nothing left of the foes they were fighting…smiling,
they turn to look on the source of the blast. "A little warning next
time Aun?" the scorch-marked warrior teases.

Who is this spell-casting wonder? It's none other than our own Aunraye,
Forum and Role-play Coordinator here at VTTH. She joined our staff in
October as a writer and news reporter. However, she found her niche in
column-writing, as she join Martuk in the weekly column A Tale of Two
Players, sharing her experiences as a newcomer to the world of MMOs. Make
no mistake--she may be new to MMOs, but not to the fantasy genre!

Aunraye has been role-playing for many years both online and off. She
enjoys a wide range of settings, from science fiction to pure fantasy.
Her face has become familiar in many role-playing games on IRC. She not
only enjoys playing them, but she enjoys creating them as well. Packing
a number of years' worth of experience as a Game Master, Aun is the owner
and council member of many established games over several IRC servers.

These servers fostered the friendships she made with people, the same
friends who eventually pulled her into the darkness…I mean into the
world of MMOs. And here, Aunraye started her first game, EverQuest, within
the last year, where she has begun to see the huge difference in the two
communities. She shares her feelings and experiences in her column, letting
us travel with her as she explores her brave new world, learning the ropes
and the wisdom required to stay alive and make her game experience fun.
Her tales, as related in her column bring back bittersweet memories or
our own journeys and struggles, as we too forged our way to MMO maturity.

Who is this fearsome caster and fledgling MMO'er, when she isn't wandering
around an MMO or absorbed in role-playing? A graduate student who aspires
to work in the State Department, Aunraye is working on her Master's Degree
in public policy and international affairs. This keeps her busy between
classes and on-campus activities which bring her closer to achieving her
professional and educational goals.

A writer most of her life, Aunraye has written for school newspapers,
both in middle school and in college. This experience certainly helps
her with her writing here at VTTH. When caught off guard, she will even
admit to aspiring to write a novel someday. Time and again, Aunraye has
uttered the modern gal's lament, i.e. not enough time--she wishes she
had more time to add creative writing classes to her class list.

Aunraye has a love for animals, as you can see by her forum avatar. She
dotes over her family's dog, Henry. If you have a chance to chat with
her, given half a chance she'll talk to you proudly about his antics and
his own educational perils encountered over the summer.

Simply put, Aunraye is a wonderful writer, a creative soul and a great
friend to those that get the opportunity to know her. She will very soon
have our forums brimming with fun and a welcoming atmosphere. Get ready
for many hours of plunges into imagination in the role-play forums as
well, when she unveils her plans to keep us busy until Vanguard: Saga
of Heroes launches and beyond!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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