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D.Va - Raising Your APM - Winky Face!

She's nigh unkillable, can dish out big damage at close range and is incredibly mobile.  What's not to like?

D.Va is classified as a tank, but let's call her a bruiser.  She's not going to hold a frontline for you, at least not for long, but she can disrupt the enemy with her mobility and her ult is guaranteed to clear space and make room for your push.  

She is the most mobile "tank" choice, though Winston could argue that he can leap around with as much agility.  Her skill cap isn't high, in fact it's probably below average overall AND she is easy to play at an average level.  D.Va is a great Hero choice for beginners. 




Can reach and deal with snipers effectively. She's a big target.  Know when to retreat. 
The best mobility of any "tank" Easily burned down if she doesn't keep moving. 
Can be played effectively on most maps. Very slow moving while firing her guns. 
Effectively has two lives.  Very low medium and long range damage. 
Low barrier to entry and medium skill ceiling.  A "tank", but is only tanky against fast firing heroes. 

​ ​


Tip - You are slow while firing your guns.   Use your Boosters to catch up to and finish enemies. 


Tip - Fusion cannons do great damage at close range and very little at long range.  Close the gap!​

Tip - Boosters can get you to places that other Heroes cannot reach.  


Boost, boost, boost.   Get to health packs, enemy snipers or just out of harm's way.   You should always be aware of the CD left on your Boost and be ready to use it.  Though you are a tank, you are not very tanky against hard hitting heroes.  Get in... hit hard.. get out. 

Tip - Use Boosters to get back into the fight faster after you respawn. 

Boosting into enemies will do damage to them and push them.   You can knock the bad guys off ledges or just disrupt them so your team can regroup or setup.  

​Enemy ults should rarely bother you.   Your Boosters can almost always take you to safety. 

Defense Matrix is similar to Reinhardt's shield except D.Va can move fast while it is up.   Use it to protect your team as you "come out of the gate" to start a match. 

Tip - Defense Matrix can block the following ultimates; Roadhog, Soldier: 76, McCree, Reaper, Pharah, Bastion.

Defense Matrix has its flaws.  It cannot for instance block any of the following; melee attacks, Lucios alternate fire (the push), Zenyatta's Orb of Discord, Roadhog's hook, Symmetra's sentries, any channeled weapons (Mei's freeze, Zarya's beam, Winston's electricity, etc.)

D.Va's ult is impressive and since the July 19th, 2016 patch no longer harms you.  Fire away!

If you use Boosters and then hit Q, you will send your mech in the direction you were flying. The ult will blow after three seconds. If the mech was launched into the air, it will always hit the ground as it explodes. Use this to launch the mech over walls or other obstacles to explode.

Tip - Try to combine your ultimate with Mei or Zarya.  They provide excellent crowd control and keep enemies from running from your blast. 

Since D.va's mech is mostly armor we should probably talk about how armor works. Armor halves the damage of an attack but cannot negate more than 5 damage per shot. This can almost double your health against fast shooting heroes like Tracer but has little effect against hard hitting heroes such as Reinhardt. 

Use your ult to clear points or the payload. 

D.Va without her mech is a pretty juicy target, but here are some tricks. 

  • You do great damage with your pistol and has no falloff range.  Use it!!  It charges your new ult to get a new mech. 
  • If your mech is destroyed close to spawn, just jump into spawn, pick another Hero and then repick D.Va.  New Mech!
    • NOTE: you will lose your Ultimate charge. 
  • If you aren't in danger, it's sometimes better to just fight without the mech.  You do more damage.  


D.Va is a strong choice on most maps and against most Heroes.  There are of course, exceptions. 



Widowmaker: You eat Widows for breakfast.  Go get her!


Zenyatta: D.Va is one of the few Heroes that Zenyatta can counter.  Avoid him.  9/10
Pharah: She can simply outrange and outgun you.    8/10
Mei: She can slow you and she can snipe you, but if you can take her unawares then she is easy pickings. 6/10
Zarya: She is built to kill you.  Avoid her if you can.  9/10
Roadhog: He outdamages and outsustains you.  Not a great combination to go up against.  9/10




This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your D.Va play. We'll continue to add to the list and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

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1. Defense Matrix and Boosters can be used at the same time to approach dangerous enemies like Junkrat.

2. D.Va's armor negates much of the damage from Soldier: 76, Bastion and Tracer. 

3. Focus on taking out enemy snipers and healers.    Say that 10 times fast. 

4. Get close to do damage and then Boost away to safety. 

5. Don't be afraid to use Self-Destruct to buy time for your retreating teammates. 

6. You can use Boosters and then hit Q to fire your exploding mech into the enemy. 

7. Smart opponents will try to bait out your Defense Matrix.   Use it often, but use it wisely. 

8. If you are out of mech and can't contribute, just die.  You get a new mech and you can boost back quickly. 

9. D.Va works best a a bruiser or secondary tank.  She isn't a great frontliner.  Leave that to Reinhardt.  

10. Learn the maps.  No seriously, learn the maps.  You can get to so many cool places with Boosters.  The enemy will never know what hit them or from where. 

11. Help Reinhardt win the "shield war" by using your Matrix to absorb some of the damage that he would otherwise take on his shield. 

12. Use your Matrix to eat enemy ults like Graviton Surge, Deathblossom and Barrage.

13. Use your Matrix to protect ulting teammates like Soldier, McCree or Pharah.

14. You can "nosedive" your ultimate to hit a specific spot.  This is useful to stack with the ultimates of your teammates.  

15. Adopt a "guard dog" mentality and watch your success increase. 

16. Though you can flank and chase down low HP enemies don't forget to be the one who protects your backline.  You can eat ultimates or simply absorb damage while your healers find a way to escape a well-executed dive. 

17. Keep at the top of your mind that you are incredible at creating space.   Make it a point to create space for your tanks, supports and even your DPS. 

18. Using D.Va's ultimate the moment both teams have engaged in a team fight is ideal.  Your opponent must make a hasty and game-changing decision.   Deal with the nuke or deal with the team fight.   Either choice gives your team the advantage. 




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Last Updated: Jun 28, 2017