Genji - Hard to Play AND Hard to Master

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Genji is like Tigger with throwing stars. He can bounce just about anywhere on most maps including off the map-edge and back up to safety.

He is a capable flanker, adequate sniper and incredibly disruptive Hero in the right hands. His entry level skill requirement is high and his skill ceiling is one of the highest in the game. If you aren't both a quick thinker and quick mover then avoid playing as Genji. That said, in the most elite of hands he is almost an unstoppable force.... almost.



Can reach and deal with snipers effectively. Relatively squishy.
The best mobility in the game. Ultimate is relatively weak and requires melee range.
Can be played effectively on most maps. Requires room to move to be at his best.
Doesn't require much team support to succeed. Incredibly hard to play well.
Complicated gameplay mechanics for those that enjoy a high APM. Vulnerable when trying to push an overtime payload or a point.

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Flank. You are not a frontline Hero. Disrupt the enemy by using your mobility to hit hard and get out.

Deflect burst damage Hero's DPS back in their face. Bastion, I'm looking at you. You too Reaper.

Tip - Bait high DPS Heros into attacking you and then press E to deflect that damage back at them.

On defence, Genji can disrupt the attackers' back lines. His mobility can bypass many chokepoints allowing him to frustrate opposing healers and snipers.

You have no self-healing, so know the maps and know where health packs are.


Most of Genji's problems are PEBKAC errors.  Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.  The player makes the Genji.  Practice and if that doesn't help... pick another Hero. 



McCree: His flashbang can be deflected, but that leaves you open to his right-click. Avoid him if you can. 9/10
Winston: You can't deflect his lightning and he can jump after you if you retreat. Be wary. His large health pool makes him tough for you to take out. 7/10
Mei: She can slow you and she can snipe you, a pain but can be easily avoided. 8/10
Roadhog: If he hooks you, you are done. His sustain and high HP give him an advantage over you. 9/10
Hanzo: Your brother is a relatively even match. If you can close the gap and keep moving you will have the advantage. 5/10




This list of tips and tricks are just a handful of things we think will help your Genji play. We'll continue to add to the list and if you have any tips you'd like to share, let us know in the comments below and we'll place them here. 

​Here is Seagull showing the world how to play Genji to his fullest. 


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Swift Strike Buff - How To Use It

1. You CANNOT deflect Symmetra's beam, Winston's cannon, Zarya's beam, Mei's frost stream or Symmetra's turrets.

2. When you hear "It's High Noon." time your deflect to put the kiling blow back in McCree's head.

3. Deflect Barrage and Hanzo's dragons ultimate back onto the opposing team.

4. Deflecting Mei's ultimate turns it into a Blizzard for your team.

5. In close combat use Right-click / Melee / Swift Strike to do 160+ damage in a burst.

6. Avoid dealing with Pharah, she can almost always get above you and with room to move in the air is your nemesis.

7. Always know your escape route. You are doing zero DPS when you are dead. A dead Genji is a useless Genji.

8. You can Swift Strike in any direction. Need to go up? You can do it.

9. Swift Strike is available while using Dragonblade. Use it to quickly move from victim to victim.

10. Practice, practice, practice. Genji is arguably the hardest Hero to play well and a weak Genji is nigh useless.

11. L-Click + Swift Strike + Melee puts out a lot of damage in a short burst.  Practice this. 

12. Dragonblade's hitbox is wider if you slash high.

13. Dashing towards the ground will allow you to dash, but in shorter distances. 

14. You can cancel the end of the Ultimate animation by dashing. 

15. You can cancel deflect by dashing (or wallclimbing).

16. Before using your ult, dash up into the air above the enemy team.   It gives you an excellent vantage point to start your carnage and gives your Ana an easy target for Nanoboost

17. Take advantage of your Dash reset during your ultimate.  Dash, kill, Dash resets.... Dash, kill, Dash resets...

18. Swing + Dash does 225 damage when Nano-boosted.  This will kill many Heroes outright. 

19. You're great at disrupting backlines, but you aren't going to win many 1 vs 2 fights.   Plan your escape routes accordingly. 

20.  If things aren't working out... switch.  Playing Genji versus a team that simply has your number is a recipe for frustration and SR loss. 

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Last Updated: Jun 27, 2017