The Races of Thestra

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Entertainment and Sigil Games Online have released new screenshots
featuring the inhabitants of Thestra. Known for bustling
marketplaces and complex political intrigue, Thestra is home to a
variety of races, including the ever-tenacious humans, tribal
varanjars, aristocratic high elves, agrarian halfings, wolf-like
vulmanes, stoic lesser giants, and resilient dwarves. To
learn more about their histories, visit our summary of the href="">lore
of Thestra.

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Thestran Human

href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 113px; float: left;"
alt="Humans of Thestra" title="Humans of Thestra"
hspace="4" vspace="2">As the dominant race
on Thestra, the influence of the humans is felt on all corners of the
continent. They lack the size of the lesser giants, the life span of
the elves or the sturdy resilience of the dwarves but they make up for
it with an overwhelming desire to succeed, a bold tenacity and perhaps
most importantly, the ability to adapt.

After the invading armies of undead razed their home city of Targonor,
the humans moved north and rebuilt, founding the giant fortress city of
New Targonor. This bastion of human achievement protects not only the
humans but all the races of Thestra.  While New Targonor is
the pinnacle of human civilization, most are still born in small
outlaying farming villages – such as Tursh.

A Thestran human’s interests vary greatly and due to their
versatile nature they often pursue a wider variety of professions than
most other races. Thestran humans have been known to be Warriors,
Paladins, Dread Knights, Rangers, Rogues, Bards, Clerics, Blood Mages,
Sorcerers, Druids and Necromancers.


href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 94px; float: left;"
alt="Varanjar" title="Varanjar"
hspace="4" vspace="2">The Varanjar, or
barbarians as they are called by many, are closely related to the
humans of Thestra. While larger and stronger than most humans, their
features remain similar. It is often said that hundreds of years ago
the Varanjar were themselves humans who left their brethren for a more
simple life in the mountains of the eastern Thestra.

The validity of that claim has yet to be established and while
physically, they may most closely resemble the humans it is the lesser
giants, with whom they share a home in the mountain village of
Halgarad, that they have found a common interest.

They are hard working, sturdy and brave. They live their lives close to
the land and live in a predominantly tribal society. The Varanjar have
been known to be Warriors, Rogues, Shamans and Druids.

High Elf

href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 120px; float: left;"
alt="High Elves" title="High Elves"
hspace="4" vspace="2">Noble, beautiful,
haughty and arrogant, for thousands of years the majestic elves defined
Thestran civilization. Though after the great breaking nearly a
thousand years ago, they were hurt perhaps the most of all the races.
With their cities destroyed and much of their population gone the elves
of Thestra were crippled. The ensuring wars have made the rebuilding
process slow and it is only now that the high elves are rediscovering
the knowledge that had been so long ago lost.

A typical high elf is of a slender build, they are pale and slightly
taller than humans. They prefer to keep to themselves but realize that
alone, they cannot hope to defeat the invading armies of undead and
thus have made an effort to ally themselves with the rest of the
Thestran races, putting aside even their legendary hatred of the
wolf-like vulmane.

They make their home in the forest city of Leth Nurae. Without walls,
it would seem a susceptible target to attacks but few have had the
courage to try. High elves have been known to be Paladins, Dread
Knights, Rangers, Rogues, Bards, Clerics, Blood Mages, Sorcerers,
Druids and Necromancers.


style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 120px; float: left;"
alt="Halflings" title="Halflings"
hspace="4" vspace="2">
Short, sturdy and
amicable the halflings of Thestra seem to be bothered the least by the
problems of the other races. For nearly a thousand years, they have
been close with the humans and the two races interact and work together
more than any others in Thestra.  

Generally a peaceful race halflings will rarely start any sort of
conflict, though when forced they will defend themselves with a
surprising ferocity and resourcefulness. Their lifestyle lends itself
well to agriculture and most who live in the halfling village of Rindol
Field are indeed farmers. While the majority of halflings choose to
stay close to their homes, it is not uncommon to see them in
adventuring parties across Thestra.

Halflings have been known to be Warriors, Rangers, Rogues, Bards,
Clerics and Druids.


href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 113px; float: left;"
alt="Vulmane" title="Vulmane"
hspace="4" vspace="2">The ferocious and
wolf-like vulmane roamed in packs for thousands of years, constantly
warring among themselves and engaging in skirmishes with the elves. It
is only recently that the undead menace and the threat of being wiped
out has forced them to create a more permanent settlement and to change
their warlike ways.

They live in the primitive and tribal village of Dahknarg, where they
are lead by a clan chief. At the moment, they are entered in a
tentative alliance with the other races of Thestra though at times
tensions, especially with the elves, still run high. However, despite
their beastly appearance and tribal ways the vulmane are a noble race.
Honor, respect, strength and loyalty are valued in vulmane society.
They are master woodsmen, fearsome warriors and once you have earned
their trust and respect – valuable allies.

The vulmane have been known to be Warriors, Dread Knights, Rogues,
Shamans and Druids.

Lesser Giant

href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 113px; float: left;"
alt="Lesser Giants" title="Lesser Giants"
hspace="4" vspace="2">Towering over all of
the other races of Thestra stands the lesser giant. As the largest and
strongest race on Thestra they are often viewed by others with a sense
of awe and wonderment. They rarely leave their mountain home of
Halgarad, which they share with the varanjar, and even less frequently
wish to involve themselves in the affairs of other races.

However, the undead invasion has forced them to begin to change their
culture of solitude in order to survive. Though they are safe for now
in the northeastern most mountains of Thestra, they are much smarter
than they are often given credit for and have the foresight to see that
what appears to be the other races’ problem now will
eventually be their problem later.

Lesser Giants are hard workers, much preferring to labor with their
hands than over a scroll or book and have a simple, uncomplicated view
of life. They have been known to be Warriors, Dead Knights, Rogues,
Shamans and Druids.


href=""> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 150px; height: 113px; float: left;"
alt="Dwarves" title="Dwarves"
hspace="4" vspace="2">Master craftsmen and
fierce warriors the dwarves of Thestra live in the underground city of
Bordinar’s cleft, deep in the Widows Veil Mountains. They
currently stand at the front line of the undead invasion, with the
humans, halflings and vulmane already having been forced to move
elsewhere and it is a task they readily accept.

Their home, much like themselves is sturdy and built to last. The
sounds of dwarves busily forging armor and weapons with a skill and
discipline that is unrivaled on Thestra can constantly be heard echoing
through the grand halls of their city.

While often viewed as grumpy and dour by other races the dwarves
actually have a very good sense of humor and once befriended, an
unwavering sense of loyalty. They are much stronger than their size
would imply and tend to lean towards more physical professions. Dwarves
have been known to be Warriors, Paladins, Dread Knights, Rogues,
Clerics and Sorcerers.  

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