MMOG developers have become increasing more open to the creation and
use of player created addons, those little tweaks or sometimes massive
overhauls to the game's native user interface that can
reshape it into something altogether new. Frogster's
free-to-play powerhouse, Runes of Magic, is no exception but with
hundreds of options to choose from it can sometimes become a lengthy
process to weed out the real gems from the major duds. To help get you
pointed in the right direction, Ten Ton Hammer has put together a list
of our top addon picks for Runes of Magic.

Some players might prefer addons that allow you to customize everything
from the look and feel of the UI right down to altering its base
functionality. Others just want a few simple options and would rather
not get overwhelmed by installing a complicated beast of UI elements
that each need to be updated or tweaked with every minor patch to hit
the live servers. Still others just want to add in pictures of their My
Little Pony collection, but those people tend to need the kind of help
that falls a bit beyond the functionality that addons typically provide.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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