The dual class system in Runes
of Magic
is just one of many
that the game sets itself apart from the churning seas of generic
free-to-play MMOGs. While the system itself is fairly straight forward,
it can sometimes be hard to know exactly which secondary class would
work best for your current character. If you find yourself in this
boat, fear not because Ten Ton Hammer has got you covered. Join our
resident Runes of Magic expert ZeroMerc
as he explores the
dual class options for the Knight.

The Knight is the cliché meat shield
found in most MMOGs and in Runes of Magic this is no
You are
the guys and gals they stick out in front to take the damage and get
beaten upon whilst your friends get to take all the glory.  They
shine so bright in the eyes of the villages you just saved from the
onslaught of evil that you will need sunscreen. Never mind that
you are the only reason their squishy self is still breathing; because
if not for you and your healer, they would have never made it back to

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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