Mix, Stir, Pound, Bake, Forge, Weave, Sew, Cut, Boil, or Fry! Come
one come
all ye Runes players and get a look at the professions that are
available to you.
You can craft, craft and craft some more. Join ZeroMerc as he explores
professions in Runes

When you are performing the professions that are not
professions (we’ll call these sub-professions) at all you will need to
be near the appropriate tools.  So for Smelting you will need to
be near Blacksmithing tools, Extraction near Alchemy Tools, and
Woodcrafting near Carpentry Tools. Remember these are not really
professions so you will still need all of these tools (which are really
more areas you have to travel too to actually use them on the regular
map) for the real production professions.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016